Celebrations with Tupperware

My mother used to be a Tupperware Dealer, maybe that’s the reason why most of the things we own in our house are from Tupperware Brands PH. We often held Tupperware Parties back then. My mother would invite her friends, my teachers, and our neighbors for a big Tupperware Party. These Tupperware Parties usually happen during my brother’s birthdays or mine.

Our parents love us so much that aside from the parties usually held at home, we also got to celebrate our birthdays in school. Here, let me show you a photo of my brother’s 6th birthday party:

From left to right (adults) : Our mom, our nanny, my mom’s Tupperware Seller friend Aunt Linda, our nanny and our Pre-school Teacher (the one in red).

From left to right (children) : Hannae, Kristine, Wilfrelyn, Galil (my brother in Violet shirt), Aunt Linda’s kids, me (in green dress) and Dorothy. The ones in the back, I cannot identify anymore.

This photo was taken in March 1996 and that was 21 years ago. We are still friends with the people here in the photo and our Pre-school Teacher is currently my children’s Pre-School Teacher.

Tupperware became a part of our family’s celebrations because it is perfect for us. It holds the food in place, doesn’t spill and so easy to travel with without the food getting contaminated. All the food that our mother prepares will be brought to school for the children’s party so she makes sure that it will be clean and safe to eat.

Tupperware has been with us for more than 30 years and we still purchase Tupperware Products even up to this day even though there’s a lot of plastic wares available in the market. We know that nothing beats Tupperware’s high-quality products and no other company provides a warranty like Tupperware does.

I am glad that my mother introduced me to Tupperware and even if she have stopped being a dealer, I became a Tupperware Dealer because I know I can help a lot of new mothers and new household by introducing them to Tupperware by educating them to invest their money wisely to products that can be used for more than 10 years because of its good quality products.

Every family celebration is incomplete without a Tupperware Product in tow. They have everything from plates, glasses, bowls, eco-bottles that we need in our everyday living. Today, Tupperware also offers cosmetic line. They have make up kits, feminine wash, lotions and even toilet bowl cleaner. I think we do not need to go to the mall anymore, Tupperware has it all.

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