It’s not too late to give Christmas Gifts

Yes, it is not too late to give Christmas gifts just yet. Just because December 25 has passed by means that we cannot give out gifts anymore, but we still can. Sometimes we are too busy with our daily lives that we tend to deliver the Christmas gifts we have prepared for our god children and relatives.

I have prepared different kinds of toys for boys and girls as well as dresses and colognes for my relatives which I could give out this Christmas season. I have bought them on malls and some I bought online and while browsing for gifts I have seen advertisement for l.l. bean coupons as well.

With this post, I am reminding you my friends that we could still give out gifts that we have prepared for this season though December 25 has passed us by.

Merry Christmas HO-HO-HO

I once believed in Santa Claus and up until now, I still do. Sometimes I wonder if all grown ups have the same thoughts as mine.

Yes, Santa Claus for me is real and though I haven’t seen him in real life, I would still believe in him just as I believe in the spirit of Christmas. Children believes in Santa Claus and they also believe in Jesus Christ even though they have not seen them in real life.

Santa Claus may have not given me all my wants for Christmas but Jesus Christ have given me all my needs. And having no gifts from Santa Claus doesn’t mean I was naughty for the past year, it just mean that more children needs him most than I need his gifts.

White Christmas

“I’m dreaming of aa White Christmas…” – this is one of my favorite songs way back in high school. In the Philippines, we celebrate Christmas with Christmas Carols, Christmas Lights, Christmas Trees and we even have the Christmas Spirit but we don’t have White Christmas.

I really, really, really want to have a WHITE Christmas. Experience life at its best, dancing with the snow, throwing snowballs at my friends or perhaps build my very own snowman, or learn snowboarding using burton snowboards. But living in a tropical country, I really doubt if I can experience all of these dreams here.

Someday, maybe someday, I will have my very own White Christmas in another country.

Foldable Water Container

I can already smell Christmas, I can feel it in the air, and somehow I feel that I am slowly being robbed. Why? Because I have so many godchildren and it would be shameful if I don’t give them something this Christmas. So when Cei tagged me in Facebook, I checked her FB store out and I have found the answer to my problem: Collapsible Water Container.

I immediately ordered 20 pieces of the said item with different designs which includes “Angry Birds”, “Hello Kitty”, “Sponge Bob” and “Mickey Mouse”. These cartoon characters are loved by kids so I know they would really appreciate the gift I will give them and they can even show it off at school because they can use it as their water container.

The package arrived through the help of the reliable “Hari ng Padala” LBC, and I am so happy that it arrived earlier than December.

These are the things that are inside the package:

Cleaning My BF’s Room

Cleaning is not my thing but I hate it when everything is a mess. Tomorrow is my boyfriend’s birthday and I forgot to buy a gift for him so instead I cleaned his room for a change. There is nothing to arrange because he only had a bed, a TV rack, a cabinet for toys and a built-in cabinet for his wardrobe. But I want to clean out his closet because it is full of t-shirts and short pants that he is not wearing anymore. Aside from that, his TV rack and cabinet is so dirty, it needs to be wiped clean and I wonder where his yaya is.

I am planning to give him a computer cabinet because it is what is lacking in his room. He needs something where he can keep all his files for his business and other important documents. Aside from that he also needs something he can use to place his laptop because he has no table or desk in his bed room.

After a day’s work in my boyfriend’s bed room, I have found at least 30 t-shirts and 10 short pants he is not using anymore so I am thinking (and yes, I told him about it) of giving it away to people who needs it this coming Christmas Season.


Merry Christmas :)

Oh My God, I forgot to greet my readers/viewers, avid fans and supporters a warm Merry Christmas. So I am doing it now, Merry Christmas Everyone. I hope you had a blast last Christmas Day after going to the church and while eating your Noche Buena. I will never forget to greet you this coming New Year.