I am still reminiscing my experiences last year during the Youth Engagement Summit in Malaysia and this is where it leads me.

I tried of using Google, typing my name along with the words “Youth Engagement Summit” and there were two results that I would love to share.

One of them is connected with this picture:

There were more than 500 participants during the YES 2009 and I know that most if not all of us have answered that paper above with the line “Democracy is…..” and one of the chosen answers posted in the official website of the Embassy of the United States in Malaysia was mine.

My answer was short and simple and it says : “Democracy is giving to the people the freedom they deserve.” You can see it here.

Why would I answer such words? Because I know what DEMOCRACY is. Especially for the people who have not experienced it. I am a wide reader and I know that such word (DEMOCRACY) doesn’t exist in some countries and yet it exist in others it has not been given the meaning that it deserved. For you, what is Decmocracy?

Another result for the search I have done with Google was when I was asked “What do you plan to do now that the event is over? and I my answer was this : “As I was saying to my co-delegates, I hope we can build something or form a group to help cater the youth of the nation’s needs. Maybe it’s a big idea, but I hope we can start it now, so we can move little by little into changing the world we are living in.” You can check the other youths answers in ADOIMAGAZINE.