Memories . . .

I have been cleaning my room for a week now, and LOOK what I saw:

This photo was taken 18 years ago, when my brother celebrated his 5th birthday. Looking at that photo makes me remember a lot of things in my childhood. There I was, 3rd girl from the right beside my best(est) friend in my childhood years which up until now is my friend. Some of the children in this photo are married and they already have their families. And look at that, we had our favorite Lechon and yes, the popular brand of soft drink which up until now I still love “Coca-Cola”.

We still see each other a lot, yes, I am speaking of the kids in the photo. We still see each other because we still live in the same house, hometown. Isn’t it great? When you have a fun-filled childhood?

Happy Birthday Ma!

Happy Birthday to the BEST MOM in the WORLD, Mama Charito!
I have no fancy or material gifts to give you ma because I know you don’t need nor want them. All you wanted in life is to be happy with us and to be a proud mom because your kids have grown up to be better persons. This is our gift to you ma, to be the best of we can be, to be someone you could be proud of, to be thankful of the life that you have given us.

You were not only the best mother but also the best grandmother in the world. You love my children so dearly with equality.

Shopping for my Grandmother

My grandmother has been bed-ridden for more than 5 years already and it was not easy for my mom’s part or her siblings. My mother and her siblings take turns in taking care of my grandmother; they have a schedule that they need to follow. Each one should spend at least two weeks to take care of my grandmother at their old home in Calunasan, Calape Bohol. Aside from that, each one of them should donate the same amount of money for all the expenses that our grandmother needs which includes Prevail adult-sized diapers, medicines, clothes, milk, food and vitamins. Our grandmother used to have 4 caregivers which takes turn in bathing and feeding her, some of the money that my mom and her siblings gives every month goes to their salary.

It is hard to take care of our grandma but it became much easier when everybody helps. We are a big family so the tasks became easier and the money that needs to be raised every month is divided among us. My grandma has 16 children so imagine her stressful life when she was younger and taking care of her children.

We need to shop for Grandma’s needs and I am glad that there are online stores like which has almost all of my Grandma’s needs. We don’t need to leave the house just to buy everything that my Grandma needs; we just need to have an internet connection to order.

Our Yaya who loved Cats so much

I love DOGS but it doesn’t mean I hate cats. But there was this one person that I couldn’t forget, my little brother’s yaya for 7 years but sadly she went home already to take care of her own son.

Yaya Itang is very hardworking, she cooks for us, do the laundry, clean the house and still she have enough time to take care of my little brother and even goes with him to school. We live in an apartment in Cagayan de Oro because we don’t have a house there, one day a pregnant stray cat visited our little home. Yaya Itang is so fond of this cat that she always fed it and took care of it too. She even created a cat bed for it, just in time before it gave birth to 6 little kittens.

We  usually go home in our hometown during semester breaks and Christmas vacations, when it was time to go home, Yaya Itang gets a box, puts the cat and the kittens inside it and she brought her pets with us. She was worried that if we leave the cats in Cagayan de Oro, they might die of starvation. Then when it was time for school again, we went to Cagayan de Oro with the cats again. What a great love Yaya Itang has for these cats.

Happy Birthday To Me

Happy Birthday To Me! Last July 21, 2012 I turned 27. Yes, I am in my late twenties already and I am not ashamed to admit my real age because getting older means getting wiser.

I didn’t prepare for a luxurious dinner party, I just celebrated my birthday with the people that I love dearly. I didn’t even expect the birthday cake and bouquet of flowers my better-half gave me. I was surprised and at the same time so grateful, thankful for the man than I have found.

My Mom with my two kids

My mother is such a good grandma, she loves my two kids so much. My eldest always sleep with her and I think my daughter will also be fond of her grandma 2 years from now.
I took a photo of them together and look at them, they look so happy together:

Fun Family Activities for Easter

Easter’s holiday traditions often involve lots of food coloring and hard-boiled eggs. And with a bunny as its mascot, and lots of candy to choose from, the holiday is naturally very appealing to the younger generations. Luckily for parents, the holiday is also a wonderful excuse for spending time with the family. This year, gather those closest to you and take advantage of all the possibilities of Easter. The following are some ideas to get the fun started – and eggs are just the beginning.

Color Easter Eggs. Although this is a given, coloring Easter eggs is both traditional and fun. The tried-and-true way of coloring eggs is first hard-boiling them and then dipping them into bowls of dye coloring. This activity is easy for kids of all ages, and the older kids can take their turn at being creative by dipping the bottom of the egg into one color and the top into another, which always turns out very cool.

These days, the egg coloring business has gotten even more creative – that is, if food coloring just isn’t your thing. In almost any store, you can find patterns, crayons for drawing on eggs, and fun patterns to glue onto eggs. Another fun idea is having an Easter egg coloring party and inviting the neighbors or your extended family. You can even include a best-coloring competition where the winner, or egg designer, wins a prize.

Do arts and crafts. Easter-themed arts and crafts are a nice way to keep the creative juices flowing for your kids. Consider making origami shapes or “dressing up” hard-boiled eggs to look like animated characters. These types of hands-on activities will keep your older kids interested and will be fun souvenirs as they grow. If you have family visiting from out of town for the holiday, such as grandma and grandpa, you can have them join in with the kids so they make something together.

Go outside. Although the exact date of Easter changes, it usually falls in the springtime which means sunny skies and blooming flowers. Why not get out and enjoy? Take your family to a nearby park and have a picnic (with plenty of marshmallow Peeps, of course) or enjoy the sunshine during a long walk.

A lot of local organizations such as churches, schools, and community centers also offer family activities at their facilities on Easter day so be sure to check nearby. You might be able to take the kids to the local community center for a traditional Easter egg hunt, or participate in a community egg toss.

Bake. It doesn’t take an education in family therapy to tell you that spending time with your family will have a positive impact on relationships and overall dynamics. It’s also a no-brainer that when the family is together, you’ll need to have some good food for everyone to enjoy. A fun family activity is baking as it’s easy to involve all of the kids and your partner. Divvy up tasks for everyone to do so they feel like they’ve contributed to the finished product. Some Easter-themed ideas are Easter-shaped cookies (eggs, bunnies, baskets), colorful cakes, or homemade candies.


Disney Family Fun

Happy 23rd Birthday Galil!

We only celebrate our birthdays once a year and of course I don’t want to miss out on telling my dear little brother how happy I am that I have him for a brother during his birthday and of course GREET him too.

Like any other siblings we had our share of fighting and teasing, loving and sharing too. He always teases me that is why we fight on everything and anything. But he is sweet at times, he knows how to ask me for something that I cannot simply resist. He also knows how to take care of me as a brother.

I love my brother dearly and for that I want to tell the whole world that I LOVE HIM and that I wish he will have many more birthdays to celebrate in his life.

Congratulations Craig!!!

Who is CRAIG? Well, he is one of my favorite cousin, we used to play together when we were young. We also had a lot of pictures together and I do have that one picture which I treasure so much. I even uploaded it on Facebook but I will have to share it here some other time because my internet connection is acting so slow.

Now that you know who Craig is, the next question that I need to answer will be why am I congratulating him, right? Well, I am congratulating him because he just passed the BAR exam! Yes, he is now a LAWYER and well, the first in our family tree. I am so PROUD of him, I mean, we are so proud of him.

The Philippine BAR exam is one of the hardest exams in the Philippines and there are a lot of people who take it failed, there are also some who took it 3 to 5 times before they passed it, but my cousin took it ONE TIME and he passed it.

This is a BIG CELEBRATION for us.

One Year Death Anniversary

September 16, 2010 – My cousin, Alphonsus, together with his wife Coycoy who was pregnant at that time was murdered. Murdered by heartless and brutal criminals. My cousin died on the spot and his wife was rushed to the hospital but still she was declared dead on arrival and her unborn child wasn’t saved.
One year has passed and the killers are still at large. It always pains me to remember me that my cousin with his wife and unborn child died this way. I hungered for justice for so long, me and my relatives who were left behind seeks justice and still there were no leads.
The only thing we could do now is to mourn for our cousin and his family. Alphonsus and Coycoy have left behind 2 kids, 11 years old daughter and 3 years old son, and pray for their souls.

This is so terrible. This is why people need to take classes from to learn how to help solve
terrible crimes like that.