Otter Box for my iPhone 4S

I didn’t know about Otter Box when I ordered for an iPhone 4S. I had my iPhone 4S for 3 months already and not until my cousin’s wife, Jennifer, came home from the US. She is using an iPhone 4 and she had it fully protected with an Otter Box. She asked me why I don’t have a case for my iPhone and that I should really invest in something that could protect it because it is expensive. I told her I don’t know that there are cases which can protect my iPhone from damages in case it falls. She told me she had two Otter Box, and that the other one was left at her home in the US, then before she left for the US she gave me the Otter Box she is currently using.

I checked it out online and the Otter Box I had with me is the “Commuter” series which according to The Philippine Beat that “This series is stylish but features a sleek and tough case that prevents potential damage. The device is first enclosed in a silicone skin followed by a durable plastic case, front and back.”

I am so happy with my Otter Box and I think I don’t need to pay for an electrosurgery even if I want it now. Because somebody might give it for free. Just saying.

My Office Equipment

As I sit here in my office, I am able to see a lot of things which I am not using anymore such my printer, scanner, desktop, and my books. Well, from time to time I browse my books but I don’t read it from cover to cover anymore. I see a lot of things which have no use for me anymore and yet here I am still thinking of buying new things that I want and love to have such as hewlett packard toner cartridges plus an hp printer to use it with.

And now I am thinking of what to do with my old gadgets that would help the environment and lessen my carbon footprint. I will try to ask the stores who sell computer and gadgets if they will accept my old gadgets and recycle it.