3 Top Gifts for Baby Boys

An arrival of a new baby boy in your family, circle of friends or at work probably means that some shopping needs be done. If the mother has a gift registry, purchasing a gift for the baby is much easier since you know what items she would like to receive. If there is no gift registry, personalized baby gifts for boys are a viable option. Even if the boy receives more than one blue blanket, the blue blanket you give him will be a little different from the rest because you had it personalized with his initials, full name or a character.

Here are three top gifts for baby boys to consider.


Bedding items are great gift options for babies. Since babies can have diaper accidents and spit up incidents, blankets can come in handy for emergency clean-up situations. Quilts, valences and mats are other bedding items that a baby cannot have too many of especially during the colder months. Not only can they be used in their crib, but they are also convenient for travel and play dates.


Keeping a baby’s room organized is not always an easy task. Since their clothes are tiny, their toys bulky and diapers plentiful, storage items as a gift will probably be appreciated. Toy chests, toy bins and bath time tubs are some storage essentials as well as diaper caddies, hampers and shelves. Additionally, babies do not outgrow storage items the way they outgrow clothes. As long as the baby continues to own toys, a toy bin will continue to be useful. Even something like the diaper caddy can double as a clothing holder when the child has become potty-trained.

Baby Packages

If after browsing through the above mentioned gift suggestions for a baby boy, nothing stands out, there is always baby packages. The contents of baby packages, or baby gift baskets, will depend on its theme, but usually they will include at least one of every essential item. A sports-themed package for a boy may include a wagon plus a bib, rattle toy and box of wipes while a deluxe package may include a book, bib and wipes. Since gift baskets are pre-arranged, it takes a lot of guesswork out of the gift-giving equation.

The arrival of a baby boy is a joyous occasion, and you can help celebrate it with a great gift.

Top Commenter Gets a Gift from ME

Last July 21st, I turned another year older. Though this might be a little late for a little giveaway, I have thought of giving out a surprise gift for a top commenter here in my blog.

You can comment all you want. You can comment in my old posts or new posts as long as IT IS my post (just kidding hehe). But please make it at least 5 words long to be considered.

I haven’t tried this commenting giveaway before but I would love to try this out because I want to interact with my readers and blog visitors.


One thing I cannot forget from my PMC family is my PMC mug. Every time I drink my milk or my coffee, this is my perfect partner to start my day, my PMC mug.

Though I didn’t join the PMC Grand EB last year, I have received so many tokens from the mommies who joined the event (Thanks Mommy Rubz for bringing them all the way back from Manila).

Will be posting more tokens soon.

A Book made of Love

Last 2009, I have met a very beautiful lady and her name is Sarah. She is beautiful inside-out and I am happy to have met such an amazing person. Though our time spent together is minuscule, I am thankful that God and the universe have conspired in order for us to be friends.

This January, she have finally tied the knot with her long-time boyfriend (I guess) and I am wishing her well and a life full of blessings.

I have found out that during the wedding, they have gave away a book instead of the common giveaways we receive every wedding that we attend to. Aside from that, this book is a product of their love for each other and for the less fortunate in our country.

According to Sarah (I have copied this note in her album in Facebook where she has uploaded the pictures and inviting us to buy this book)

Exactly one month ago was our Prose & Poetry-themed wedding. Exactly one month ago, on that day of vows and promises, we also launched our first co-authored published book. Entitled Under the January Moon, it is a collection of prose and poetry on life’s nothingness and intimate meaning. As two separate individuals and as a couple, we… share the same passion for the written word. Nestled in the pages of the book are lush artworks created by our mom and uncle.

We gave the book as a token to our wedding guests and at the same time, encouraged them to buy another one or two for a friend. For each book bought, the whole amount goes to SAGIP (Sagipin ang Galing, Isip at Pangrap)- a child & youth development program of Gawad Kalinga and to Santa Maria Eufrasia Daycare Center, a school in the mountains of Sariaya, Quezon, practicing the Waldorf teaching method. Donations are made under the name of the donor guest. This advocacy angle of our wedding is our way of doing our share in making the world a little bit brighter for children.

Our book will be available in some bookstores soon but for now, you can place your order with us. The same advocacy applies: Every book sold, donation will be made under your name to our 2 chosen institutions. At P450.00/book, you will already be able to help little souls who, by learning, will hopefully be able to uplift their own lives. If interested, please send us a msg. via FB, email us at rocksarwedding@yahoo.com (Rocky&Sarah’s joint email) or contact us at 0917-5928460 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 0917-5928460 end_of_the_skype_highlighting (Sarah’s mobile #).

Thank you. This book is our testament to love and to God.