A Gift to Consider

A while ago I was browsing through the internet and I saw a good ableton push with live 9 suite at musicians friend. I’m considering of getting one for my brother as a gift. However, it’s a little bit pricey for me though, but I’m sure it would be worth the buy considering the quality that I’ll be getting. I know he would be happy with what I’ll be getting him.


Birthday Gift Ideas

My son turned 6 years old last April 20 and though I was not able to prepare for his birthday, he still had a blast. I was so busy last April because my grandmother who lives in Bohol died and we needed to be there for her burial.

And even though it was a last minute preparation, my son still enjoy his birthday party in my cousin’s private resort. We only invited our close friends and relatives and I forgot to buy him a birthday gift. But still, he was overwhelmed by our food preparation that he forgot to ask where his birthday gift is. Actually, the very reason why I wasn’t able to buy a gift for him was that I didn’t know what to buy him anymore. He has a PSP, an iPad, NERF guns, toy cars, hot wheels and match box, scooter, bike and the list goes on and on.

But I know in the future, buying him  birthday gifts will not be a problem anymore, because he is a music lover kind of kid so maybe when he grows up he will still have this love for music. I really hope that he will continue to love singing and that he will learn to play the piano, the drums and the guitars. So that when he grows up, I will need to check on how I can save on fender telecaster. Because I know he will ask for one in his future birthdays to come.

Sweet Surprise


Valentine’s is just around the corner, and of course happy hearts will definitely celebrate it with their better half or partners; having dinner, roses, and chocolates. Well then, who says I cannot celebrate Valentine’s while being single? For me, I’m fine with these chocolates. Aren’t you all thankful for sweets like these? Oh, I just love them all! I’m glad that they were given to me in perfect timing, such a stress reliever. Thank you my dear friend for giving me these chocolates. You made me and my sweet tooth so happy!

Gifts from Mom Gen

I seldom join “Top Commenter” contests because I have a very slow internet connection but when I joined this group for “Commex” I never thought that I could get the top spot but because I am regularly commenting almost everyday so I won. Mommy Gen of Wonderful Things in Life was so kind. She gave the choice between the Paypal fund or gifts, of course, I chose the latter. I told her that it is okay with me as long as the gifts that she will send will be for my kids. I am glad when the postman delivered it today. My son has been asking me who is it from and what is inside it. So we open it together.

After opening, my son was so happy and eager to wear the clothes Mom Genny sent. He even wear it to school today. Yes, he insisted on wearing it! He looks so “gwapito” wearing the clothes Mom Genny gave.

And of course, Mom Genny sent some “burloloys” for me. I know she made it herself, they are so beautiful and I can’t wait to wear them!

Oh, my Chicay cannot wait to wear her pink clothes from Mom Genny too, but we need to wash it first.

Thank you Mommy Genny for sending this loot to me.

One BIG package for Gerayah

My blogging career started when I met some friends online who blogs. After a year of blogging I finally met my blogging friends in Manila when we went there last year for a convention, namely Pehpot and Fedhz with darling yz. Of course, here is a picture to prove it:

I didn’t expect that I could gain real friends online the same when I thought I couldn’t order a discount macanudo cigars online. And just this year, I gave birth to my little baby girl Gerayah, and Mommy Pehpot send her love through a big package right here:

She gave Sati’s old dresses, onesies, pants and even a pair of swim suit to my dear baby girl. We loved the baby items she sent us and I promised to take a picture of my baby when she wears them.

Best Mom

If I have to give an award for my mother, it would be for the BEST MOM award. Why? Because simply she is the BEST. Every son or daughter adores their mother so much and every mother loves their children the way the kids should be raised and loved.

If we ask other people, of course they will also say that their mothers are the best, and I don’t want to make an argument with that. I simply want to say that I am lucky to have my mother because she is God-fearing, she loves her children so much and that she would do everything and give up anything just to make her kids happy. And though my mom’s birthday is not yet near, I am thinking of gifts for mom on her day already. I want everything to be perfect that is why as early as now I am already thinking of what to give her on her day.

Tokens for the GEB

This is what’s keeping me busy these days:

If you are not quite keen, you will not understand what I am doing. I am personally making my tokens to be given away this coming GEB of the PMC members. So for all the mommies who confirmed their attendance for the GEB will receive a token from me.