Equestrian Costume for Halloween?

It’s been weeks since the Halloween craze! I’m so amazed with all my Facebook friends posting pictures of their Halloween parties with wonderful costumes they wear. There are those who looked stunning with their fairyland inspired costume, and looked cute with their cartoon character and superheroes attire as well. But there’s one picture that caught attention, a friend of mine wore equestrian apparel. She’s got the show shirt, the show coat, riding chaps, and a riding helmet. She looked so good in it, that she seemed like a true equestrian. The only one that she needed was a horse to complete her attire. Very unusual for a costume party right?! This made me think of what to wear for next year’s party. Well, no rush, I still got 1 year to think for a unique one.

Halloween Parties

I really want to join Halloween parties, dress up and wear that perfect make up that would fit my costume. Go visit the neighborhood bringing my little pumpkin basket and say “Trick or Treat” after knocking at their doors. Yes, I have been watching too much Hollywood Movies, it is where I have seen kids dressed up in their Halloween costumes and receives a lot of candies and chocolates after shouting “Trick or Treat!” in every home that they visit.

But we don’t celebrate Halloween here in our town and we don’t dress up on Halloween’s eve, and people don’t prepare chocolates and candies for children saying “Trick or Treat!”. Instead, they visit the cemetery and clean their departed loved-ones grave.

And now, I have decided that next year will be different. I will try to organize a kiddie Halloween Party for my children and for my nephew and nieces. Because I want them  to experience the things that I have not experienced and it breaks my heart every time they ask me about Halloween Parties and Chocolates.