Foldable Water Container

I can already smell Christmas, I can feel it in the air, and somehow I feel that I am slowly being robbed. Why? Because I have so many godchildren and it would be shameful if I don’t give them something this Christmas. So when Cei tagged me in Facebook, I checked her FB store out and I have found the answer to my problem: Collapsible Water Container.

I immediately ordered 20 pieces of the said item with different designs which includes “Angry Birds”, “Hello Kitty”, “Sponge Bob” and “Mickey Mouse”. These cartoon characters are loved by kids so I know they would really appreciate the gift I will give them and they can even show it off at school because they can use it as their water container.

The package arrived through the help of the reliable “Hari ng Padala” LBC, and I am so happy that it arrived earlier than December.

These are the things that are inside the package: