Turn OFF that Location Services Settings for your Photos

You have probably seen that VIDEO about how scary it is to take our photos using our cellphones. And just like you, I am scared to death too. Imagine how easy it is for criminals to look for us just by looking at our photos that we have uploaded in our social media accounts. Some of my photos are posted publicly, because I need to and I want to, though I am not a celebrity or a famous person, I have my own reasons that is why I cannot simply upload it privately.

Here let me show you how I turned off my Location Services setting for my photos in my smart phone. Some people might think this is stupid (my HOW TO turn it off) but believe me, there are people who doesn’t know how to do it simply because they don’t care much about their cell phones, they just use it for making calls, for texting, for taking photos but they don’t check every thing in their phones, they don’t even know what is the IMEI number of their smart phones and doesn’t even care where they can find it.

First, you need to go to your iPhone’s Settings, it looks like this:

Then look for the PRIVACY. When you are in the privacy settings, tap that Location Services:


You can choose to TURN IT ALL OFF just by touching that circle beside the ON. But please, don’t because you need the location services when you use the Google Maps, and it might come handy when your iPhone gets stolen.
IMG_9834You just have to turn the Location Services for your Camera and other Photo editing apps in here:


This might sound or look ridiculous for those tech savvy people out there, but for those who don’t know what to do, this might be of great help to you.

Instagram Fever

Instagram Fever! If you don’t have an Instagram account, I think you should throw away that iPhone/Android Phone now!

Instagram is a photo/social network where you can interact with your friends, shared with them all your old and latest photos, and where you can like the photo easily. Aside from that you can edit your photos with just one touch with your thumb. There are so many applications available for iPhones/Android phones now, there are those which are free and there are also APPS that comes with a cost. Speaking of costs, you can check out www.equote.com  to compare the costs of different insurances online.

You can upload your photos in Instagram and you have the choice if you want to share it in your Facebook and Twitter account too. One of my friends is so addicted to my photos that she keeps on liking my posts and I am so happy every time my phone beeps because when people likes your post/photo it just means that they appreciate your post/photo that you have just uploaded.

JUNE – Photo a Day

I love INSTAGRAM, yes I joined the bandwagon, so who cares? I like sharing my photos to my followers and friends.

And this month of June, I have joined #fatmumslim’s Photo a Day mania in Instagram. Believe me, its FUN and after the month have passed, you could check back at your photos for the month and see how your life passes you by.

iPhone 4S Applications

It’s almost 3 months now that I got my iPhone 4S and I can finally say that I am satisfied with it. This is my first time to own an Apple gadget and yes, it is the best phone that I have ever owned.

Among the things I love the most about my iPhone 4S are its applications. These are just the few applications I love about my iPhone 4S:

  • Instagram – YES, I admit I got hooked with Instagramania. Instagram is a photo-sharing social network that let me share my latest photo updates to my friends/followers. And I can share it directly to my Facebook and Twitter accounts too. Aside from the sharing options, I can also edit my photos.
  • Temple Run – A game that I enjoy playing the most in my iPhone 4S. At first, I wasn’t that good, I kept on stumbling and falling because I forgot to jump, but hey, my current high-score today is 2M. If I am angry, I just play with Temple Run, and I forgot why I was angry in the first place, LOL.
  • Tap Tap Revenge – This game reminds me of Guitar Hero, the game we used to play in my brother’s PS2 and my son’s PSP.
  • Facebook and Twitter for iPhone – Yeah, I am a certified social network addict so I downloaded these apps, FOR FREE.
  • iLlulaby and Baby Soother – If you have babies, this one is a great application, there are songs that keeps my baby from crying.

iPhone 4S

I have a new PHONE and it is an iPhone 4S. I still can’t believe that I now own an iPhone 4S. Well, I still can’t believe it because I simply can’t spend 30,000php plus for a phone and I am not into gadgets. I mean, hey, I don’t need them. I live in a rural area and people here don’t know what an iPhone, iPad, and iPod is and what are the differences between the three gadgets aside from its spelling of course. People who have taken computer classes would know what these are though.

But just recently my 2 years contract with GLOBE for my business plan (unli-call and unli-text) is finally over so I can renew my plan, upgrade it or downgrade it or I can chose to stop it. I choose to upgrade it from 999php to 1799php (unli-call, unli-text and unli-surf) and I can get a new iPhone 4S as a free phone (ohh, I had to pay an initial cash-out of 5000php).