Summer Vacation

My son is enjoying his summer vacation even though he just spend it at home. He is fond of playing his PSP, DOTA in my PC, hotwheels and matchboxes, hide and seek with our neighbors and slipper games too.

I always check his playing time because I don’t want him to play with his PSP and PC more than 5 hours every day. I ask him to color his coloring books, I also ask him to play with his miniature cars (hotwheels, matchboxes and tomica). Sometimes I tell my little brother to call on our neighbors so that they can play hide and seek (sometimes they need a name tag because my son forgets their name easily) , slipper game and biking around the front yard.

Product Review: NIDO 5+

My son is purely breastfed up until he was 2 years and 3 months old. When my breast stopped producing milk, I had no choice but to let him drink formula milk, and I have chosen Nido JR. When he was 3 years old, we changed his milk to Nido 3+ and now that he turned 5, we changed his milk to Nido 5+.

Why did I chose Nido? I chose it because I just felt it was the right milk for my son, and mothers always knows best. Nido tastes good and it has the right nutrients that my child needs.

What’s INSIDE NIDO 5+ ?

  • Lactobacillus Protectus – live active good microorganisms
  • Calci-N – a source of milk-derived calcium
  • Vitamins and Minerals – calcium, selenium, zinc, vitamin A, C and E are important vitamins and minerals needed by children
  • DHA – an essential omega 3 fatty acid found in the retina and brain
  • Honey – gives NIDO 5+ a delicious taste

Happy 5th Birthday JB

Yes, my son turned five today and I never thought that children could grow up so quickly. It felt like yesterday we celebrated his 1st birthday and now, he is five. I am busy for the preparation, so I will just make another post about his day next time. This is justĀ  a quick and short post to greet him.

Our Sleeping Positions

Before I sleep, I make sure that me and my son are lying side by side with his head on my arms. But I was shock when I saw this picture of us sleeping together (taken my by boyfriend):

I don’t know what happened but I think my son loves to move around the bed when we are sleeping. I think most children moves around the bed when they are sleeping but I am afraid because what if he moves too much and fall to the floor. That is why I prefer that we sleep on the floor, we just put some foams and pillows beside the wall.

Metals and Children

Metals are so rare and sometimes metals are expensive. There are people who operate junk shops in different places and sometimes they visit each little town in our province to buy scrap metals. My brother and my son, most often than not, put all the scrap metals they can gather in our home and backyard so that when the people who wants to buy scrap metals would visit our town it would be easy for them to sell it. Sometimes it is hard to find the old metals in our backyard that I sometimes think if metal detectors garrett could be of any help.

I am so happy though that my brother and my son try to earn money from scrap metals because as young as they are they already know how to find good money. My brother is just 10 years old and my son is 4 years old. Are you surprised yet?

JB’s Slippers

This is my first time to spend so much for a kid’s slipper. It’s not that I don’t like my son to have the best things in life but I just felt that he doesn’t need branded clothing and accessories when he was young because children nowadays grows up too fast. But lately I realized that I should spend some ka-ching on my son’s slippers now that he is Kinder 1 and goes to school everyday. His teacher doesn’t require them to wear uniforms and shoes all the time though he has a school uniform and a black shoes. Sometimes my son doesn’t like to wear his shoes because he says it hurts his soles or ankles. He is not just used to wearing shoes right now so I will not force him to wear one.

Piggy Bank, Pig No More

My mom taught me the value of money and of saving for the rainy days when I was young. And now she is teaching her grandson to do the same. That is to save his extra coins and the change from his baons at school. His money for snacks is 15php every day and sometimes he don’t need to spend much because I brought some snacks with us. So the whole 15php will be put inside his piggy bank which is not a pig. Obviously, it is a recycled can of Lays that we ate. This is another way of helping Mother Earth survive, by recycling some of the things we bought. Aside from avoiding spending money on piggy banks, we helped the environment by recycling.

Back To School

My son has started his nursery last year at the age of 3, and now he is already in Kinder 1. When we went to Bohol last May, I bought a school bag for him; the Big Red Cars bag on the right side is what I have bought. I didn’t know that my mom had also bought a school bag for him, the one on the left. We know that JB loves the Disney Character Lightning McQueen so much that is why it is what we bought. He is ready for school, and hopefully he will wake up early now because unlike last year that his class starts at 10 am now his classes starts at 8 am which makes it hard for him. He is late for this past few days but his teacher says that better late than never.

Toy Stories #3 – Bike

Toy Stories

Toy Story again and of course I have a story to share. We bought a new BIKE for my son again, this is his 3rd bike from the time he was born. His old bike has said goodbye again, after months of serving its master. My son really loves to ride his bike and so he wont stop as long as it can be ridden. But his old bike cannot serve its purpose anymore because its chair was broken, the tires are not round anymore and its chains was broken into two. And instead of fixing it, I better get a new bike because it is already small for him. So this is his new bike:

Toy Story #2 – F1

Toy Stories

This is a Free Toy that we got when we went to Cebu last May. My cousin who let us use his van for our tour around Cebu won this toy. Shell has a promo where in you can have a chance of winning different prizes and one of them is this miniature car.
My son was so happy and delighted and he loves it so much.