Jungle Warfare: A Basic Field Manual for Christians in Sales

I am born to be in business, to be an entrepreneur, to be in sales. As far as I can remember my love for selling started when I was young, when I was in my grade school where in I sell every single thing that i know can be sold. From candies to chocolates, homemade sweets to cakes, mangoes and guavas, up to stationeries and different colored gel pens which are not easily available at my place.

Though I have no formal or basic education about sales and everything I succeed in generating income for myself but what I didn’t know back then was that there are ethics and manuals for Christians like me who were in sales. I have come to know about this when I was in College. My heart still seeks for more about this topic and so when I stumble upon a book entitled Jungle Warfare: A Basic Field Manual for Christians in Sales by Christopher A. Cunningham in Book Sneeze I never let the opportunity pass, I grab it and ask for a copy of it.

People who are in sales are always in a battle field, not the kind which have guns and ammunitions but the kind where good and evil battles. Jungle Warfare helps a person not only in the aspects of selling but also in the aspects of being a good Christian who is involved in sales. Let us accept the fact that sometimes, as a business-minded person, we tend to break the rules in order to reach our goal or our sales target for this month or year. We have the tendency to forget what we have learned in our Church about the good ways in order to have a good battle against our competitors. Competition in sales or in business is a good way of improving our products and services, so as a Christian we should know what a healthy competition is, and how to exceed our target without comprising our beliefs as a good Christian.

Jungle Warfare is truly a 22-Day Power-Packed Battle Plan wherein the reader can ponder upon the things they have done and will do in their day to day living as a Christian who are in sales. The book is like the popular books available in the market which can help the reader understand more about themselves because they can write their feelings towards every day topics that they have read. I totally recommend this book to my friends who are in sales and in business because this book is a great way to re-discover our Christian values and maintain it. You can preview the product at BookSneeze.

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