Our Dachshund Puppy

We have a new member of the family and her name is Jolie and you probably can guess where it came from. It was suppose to be Angelina but the name is just too long that is why we named her Jolie instead. Last Monday, we saw a dachshund puppy (a dappled one) in a cage outside a pet shop and we fell in love with her.

Yes it is not everyday that we buy on impulse but my boyfriend has been planning to buy a dachshund puppy for so long already and this one is half off its price from other pet shops so I think it was a good investment. It is an investment because the dachshund we have is a female one and people nowadays are buying different breeds of dogs to keep in their homes so we can sell Jolie’s puppies in the future like olivella are sold on the internet.

This is our cutie little Jolie posing for the camera.