Happy Mother’s Day to the BEST Mom for me and my siblings!

To the woman who gave birth to us,
To the woman who molded us to be better persons,
To the woman who gave us everything from things that money can buy to the things untouchable,
To the woman who didn’t hesitate to spank us and scold us whenever we made mistakes,
To the woman who never lose hope and believed in her children when everybody turned their backs,
To the woman who made us laugh and cry,
To the woman who let us broke our knees and let us learn to stand up on our own,
To the woman who cried with us when we got brokenhearted for the first time,
-Happy Mother’s Day Mama Ettoy-

931238_10151409771907499_2023716815_nMe and My Mom
My Mom and my brother Galil

My Mom and my brother Rashid

Best Mom

If I have to give an award for my mother, it would be for the BEST MOM award. Why? Because simply she is the BEST. Every son or daughter adores their mother so much and every mother loves their children the way the kids should be raised and loved.

If we ask other people, of course they will also say that their mothers are the best, and I don’t want to make an argument with that. I simply want to say that I am lucky to have my mother because she is God-fearing, she loves her children so much and that she would do everything and give up anything just to make her kids happy. And though my mom’s birthday is not yet near, I am thinking of gifts for mom on her day already. I want everything to be perfect that is why as early as now I am already thinking of what to give her on her day.