The Bassoon

Growing up in a family that has musical interest and friends that plays in a band, you get to be curious as to how they learned. Most of the people I know plays a guitar, piano, and drums. But one of the instrument that I find interesting is the bassoon. This wood wind instrument is used mostly in symphony orchestra and concert band. Just like the flute you will need all your force and power in blowing air against and through the blades to produce a sound. This instrument can be disassembled and placed in an exceptional bassoon bag for traveling. Easier to carry around unlike the guitar, organ, or drums. Hopefully too, music school here would offer more learning class on wood wind instruments like bassoon.

Guitar Case

Guitar has always been a common musical instrument that can be easily learned. As long as you know and got the chords correctly, you can definitely play your favorite song. But it takes experience and real talent to play amazing songs on a guitar, just like the artists in the music industry.

But of course, a great talent should be paired with a very nice guitar to produce such music. And that guitar should have an exceptional fender jaguar guitar case at musicians friend to keep it safe and protected. You see, nice guitars are quite expensive, so you got to have a good quality of guitar cases that you can use to store your precious guitar, especially when you travel.

School Activities for Kids

Classes have already started, and everyone seems to be excited on what they will learn from their teachers. Students also look forward with school presentations showcasing each and everyone’s talent. There are contest like dancing, poster-making, and singing. Other’s will do a fund raising concert, where you will see students on how well they play musical instruments like Martin guitars and Zildjian drums.

School activities like this, develops a child’s talent which a parent could be proud off. However, students should still be more focused on academics rather than the extra-curricular activities in school.

Thinking of a New Guitar

A few days ago I’ve been thinking of buying a new guitar for my family, I’ve been thinking that maybe having a new guitar would encourage my son to start learning at an early age. So, I’ve been checking out online shops where I can buy great Martin Guitars, as I am not sure if we have it here in our place. I’ve heard that these types of guitars are well known of its sound quality and durability. There are a lot of styles to choose from their top seller collection. I bet my son’s going to love it if I’ll buy a new one.

Busted Speakers? Invest in a Good One

Do you love listening to music while surfing the net, but you can’t enjoy it much because of your busted speakers? I can definitely relate to it! I’m sure there are musicians who also had the same problem. They’ve been playing music with their band but their audience cannot enjoy the show because of the low quality sound of music that they’re hearing. One great solution for them to produce good sound is the m-audio buddy. A little box that serves as a preamp for both instruments and vocals. This is such a good tool for beginners. Just like my cousin, I would let him check this out.

Musical Instruments for our Baby Girl

Our Achi (Older Sister) will start her special classes this coming school year for Violin lessons. Last year she asked us to buy her a piano and that we enroll her for Piano Lessons but then again she changed her mind. This year, Violin lessons are offered in her school and she again asked us to buy her a Violin and enroll her for special classes, so before she can change her mind and ask us again for another musical instrument such as euphonium, we enrolled her immediately. The violin, I think, can wait. We are still looking for the right violin for her and checking out the differences with other brands and sizes.

Music and I

I am a music-lover; I enjoyed watching bands perform live. They play good music; I bet the bands right now are using high-end electric guitars. One that I know of is the PRS guitar, a product with good quality and made to perfection. Every detail is crafted carefully with personal touch. Aside from the electric guitar collection, they also carry amplifiers, accessories, and guitar parts. They may be a bit pricey, but I’m pretty sure that you will not regret having this type of guitar. If I’m going to have my own band, I will definitely save for this guitar.