Single Parenthood

Being a single parent is hard, and I have been saying this for all of eternity. It is hard to rise up a child, what more if you have more than one? I always tell my single friends (especially the ladies) and my nieces to always keep in their minds that having a child is not easy and that being a single parent makes it harder too. Though we see a lot of single parent who succeed in life, we should, or you should never believe that they have an easy life.


It is so hard to raise a child and it is so hard to make a living, aside from that, it is also quite hard to make ends meet. So please bear in mind that if you are not ready to be a mother or father, be responsible of your actions.

Halloween Parties

I really want to join Halloween parties, dress up and wear that perfect make up that would fit my costume. Go visit the neighborhood bringing my little pumpkin basket and say “Trick or Treat” after knocking at their doors. Yes, I have been watching too much Hollywood Movies, it is where I have seen kids dressed up in their Halloween costumes and receives a lot of candies and chocolates after shouting “Trick or Treat!” in every home that they visit.

But we don’t celebrate Halloween here in our town and we don’t dress up on Halloween’s eve, and people don’t prepare chocolates and candies for children saying “Trick or Treat!”. Instead, they visit the cemetery and clean their departed loved-ones grave.

And now, I have decided that next year will be different. I will try to organize a kiddie Halloween Party for my children and for my nephew and nieces. Because I want them  to experience the things that I have not experienced and it breaks my heart every time they ask me about Halloween Parties and Chocolates.

Lunch Date with the Kiddos

It is not everyday that we get to visit Chowking, Valencia. When we visit the place two weeks ago, I asked our good ol’ Yaya to take a photo of me with my kids. I am glad that they are game for it and gladly pose for the camera.

We ordered our favorite food which is the Chicken Lauriat (I have a big appetite) and one piece for my son. While my little daughter eats her Gerber.

We had a great time together and even though I am so busy I always see to it that we can spend time together.

Motivating Kids to Study More

My first born is in Kinder 2 already and he is 5 years old. He started studying when he was 3 years old, I enrolled him under my pre-school teacher’s very own school. Yes, we have the same pre-school teacher.

When my son started school, he doesn’t know how to write nor read and he barely talks. He can’t even pronounce some words correctly. But now, after two years, he learned a lot. When we had our first General Parents-Teachers Association’s meeting, his teacher even made him as an example. According to Teacher Indang, when my son was in nursery and Kinder 1, he doesn’t participate in school activities, he wont raise his hands when the teachers asked the pupils about a certain question that needs to be answered. He just sit there in his chair, eating. Yes, he eats for the 2 whole hours while he is in school. Then now, a big change happened. He participates actively in school works, he knows how to spell words, write his full name, sing a lot of children’s songs, and he memorizes Bible verses. Teacher Indang told us (the parents), that we should not force our kids to study or scold them if they don’t learn their lessons so well. Some kids are late bloomers, like my son, that he only find the time to love studying now compared last year.

I agree with Teacher Indang, I don’t scold my son nor force him to study, I let him play with his toys and friends if he likes when he is at home. If I ask him about their lessons and he can’t answer, I just told him that tomorrow he needs to listen to his teacher so that he’ll understand and will not forget about it. He’s just a kid, and kids needs to play, rest and enjoy life. The only motivation that I do so that he’ll study, is I praise him, I praise him if he knows somethings new from school. A new song, a new Bible verse, a new word that he can spell.

Our kids wants our attention, and yes, praising them makes them feel that we care for them. That we are interested with their home works and their milestones.


I joined Make or Break’s contest last month and here is my entry photo and entry statement:

I am a SMART Mom because my top-most priority is my children’s well-being. Our world today has evolved; being a parent 50 years ago is different from being a parent now. I wasn’t born in the 1950’s but I know that taking care and teaching the children before isn’t the same as today because TV, PSP and PCs haven’t been around yet. The only problem parents encountered before was how to raise their children to become a better person, but now we need to immunize our children for different vaccines available at our Pedia’s disposal, we need to teach our children (as early as five years old) to determine what is right from wrong especially those what they see on TVs (telenovelas, cartoon shows, and even the NEWS) and we need to keep them from harm’s way (from bacteria around the house and germs they can get when they play outside our house). I am a SMART Mom because I not only know how to take care of them but also how to take care of the things around them. I am a SMART Mom because I choose to be SMART by using products that help keep the welfare of my children.

I joined because I believe that I am a SMART MOM. I joined because I know that by joining, I will be able to reach out to other Smart Moms. And that by joining other moms will learn a lesson or two from my statement.

Sometimes we forgot to be the best mom because we are so busy. We are so busy with the household chores, we are so busy with taking care of our children, we are so busy with our works, that we tend to be care less about our children’s well-being. That is why at the end of the day we should sometimes, sit back, relax and think about what happened in that day. Yes, we have cooked 3 meals for our family, we dine with them, but have we talk about each other’s  activity during the day? Because sometimes we do forget that. That is why, when my son comes home from school, it is my routine that I asked him what has he done at school, what are his achievements or accomplishments, what has he learned from his teacher.

Sometimes we laundry our children’s clothes and get angry because it is so dirty and that it is so  hard to wash it, but have we thought about why his clothes are dirty? Was he running and playing outside the house and scraped his knees instead of just playing PSP and watching cartoon network? Have we thought about what games was he playing all day long? No. So maybe the next time we wash their clothes we should asked them, what happened yesterday or what has he learned from playing tag with his playmates. And that we should encourage them to be active instead of just sitting around watching TV because it is good for them.

I am not the best mom for the whole world, but I am trying my best to learn from my mistakes, to become a better mother for my children. I may not be the best mom but I am a smart mom. I am trying to take good care of my children’s welfare. They needed my guidance, my supervision, to become a better person when they grow up.

Baby G’s Smiles

My baby girl turned 2 months last May 17, 2012 and just recently I have captured her smile. Believe me, I have seen her smile when we were still at the hospital, hours after I gave birth. But I only captured it just recently because it is hard to hold her while holding a camera. I’d rather keep her smiles to myself rather than capture it and might drop her while I am taking a picture of her beautiful smile.

I am one proud mother, all mothers are I believe. That is why we always show to the world how we love our children. And we want to show to the world the milestones that our children have passed.

Cloth Diaper

I am a sucker for FREEBIES so when somebody asked me if I want one, I’d always say YES. But, yeah there is a big BUT, if I don’t need nor like the product that is to be given for FREE, I will not sign up nor ask for it. Because I know there are far many more people or mommies who needs it and will definitely use the item.

But this one particular item here, I will not say NO. I have been looking for the perfect cloth diaper online but I just can’t seem to afford it (being the cheapskate that I am). So when somebody, ohh wait, not somebody, when Michell asked if anybody wants to review her handmade cloth diaper I immediately said YES without any hesitation (I just gave birth you know so I really, really NEED it).

I don’t like using disposable diapers, aside from the possible rashes it could give my daughter, it is also quite expensive to use. Imagine if I have to buy at least 3 to 4 diapers for everyday use, how much money will I save from not using it and how much garbage will I not throw away?

The handmade cloth diaper from Michell arrived last Thursday and here it is:
It is fashionable and it looks great. The cloth used doesn’t look cheap nor can be easily torn. Among other things, it is water proof, so when the inserts will be full, it wont leak. Because of its little buttons (I don’t know what its called, those white little circles outside the cloth diaper) it can be used even if my daughter will be a little bigger from now. I think she will be able to use it from now until she’s 2 years old.

And here is my daughter modelling her cute cloth diaper:

If you would like to purchase one for your child, head on to BUNNZOO or TADLE CLOTH DIAPER. They are way cheaper than other cloth diaper sold online and they have so many different and cool designs, and fashionable ones too.

I am a MOM, again!

I just gave birth to my second child last March 17, 2012 and nothing feels different. I am still ME, I still have the heart of a child who believes in dreams and hopes for the best in life, I still think that I am young, that age is just a number, and I still think that I have a lot of things to learn from my mom (or other moms out there) to become better in my profession as a mother, myself.

I have been a mother for 5 years already to my eldest, JB, and yes I can proudly say that I did my BEST to be a good mother and father to him at the same time. I was a single-mother and I am still now, because I am not yet married, but somehow I can say that this time around it’s a different story. I now have someone who can help me raise my two kids; I already have someone who can help me show them the right and only way to become a good person in the future.

I am a proud mother again, to my daughter baby G. And I am a proud mother, still, to my eldest child JB. Though I have two children now, my love is undivided; instead it is multiplied by two. My love for my first-born hasn’t changed, I know that it shouldn’t be, and my love for my daughter is just the same for my son. Being a mother of two, nothing has changed, I am still a mother, I am still me, and I am still striving to become the BEST MOM for them.

Our Sleeping Positions

Before I sleep, I make sure that me and my son are lying side by side with his head on my arms. But I was shock when I saw this picture of us sleeping together (taken my by boyfriend):

I don’t know what happened but I think my son loves to move around the bed when we are sleeping. I think most children moves around the bed when they are sleeping but I am afraid because what if he moves too much and fall to the floor. That is why I prefer that we sleep on the floor, we just put some foams and pillows beside the wall.

When SAHMone Speaks #17

When SAHMone SpeaksDo you make your kids finish their plates? Why or why not?

I do not force my son finish his food. I want him to eat because he wants to and because he feels and understands that he needs to eat. I do not know if it is just me but when I make my son finish his plate, he tends to stay away from the kitchen when its eating time. That is why I just let him eat what he wants to eat and when its time to eat. If he can’t finish his food at least he eat, if he can then very good.