5 Reasons To Get Your MFA

5 Reasons To Get Your MFA

Why would you want to get your MFA?  You can do it for a number of reasons although you may not realize all the benefits when you just think about what classes you’ll be taking.  Here are 5 reasons to get your MFA that show you just how much it can give you.

Be Around Other Writers

It is a wonderful thing to be a writer around other writers.  You have people who share your passion who will understand exactly what you are going through as a writer and what you hope to accomplish.  You can discuss the matters of writing endlessly when you have those who think of almost nothing else just like you do.  You can be a member of a community of writers when you get your MFA and you can be understood.  This is a priceless reason to get your MFA.

Get To Meet Great Writers

Not only will you be able to spend quality time with aspiring writers but you will also get many chances to meet great writers who have already proven their writing mettle.  You can hear what these great minds have to say and perhaps even be able to ask a question of two of your own.  These famous writers can provide inspiration, direction, and just the pleasure that you will feel when you hear these writers talk about their works and their journeys to get where you want to be. 

Become A Better Writer

When you get your MFA then you will become a better writer.  This is, after all, what you will be there to do.  You will hone your craft and understand what it is that separates good writing from great writing.  You will also have the benefit of all the writers and teachers around you giving you feedback on how your writing might be improved.  While pursuing your MFA you will have countless opportunities to make yourself a better writer.

Learn How To Get Published

Getting your FMA is an excellent idea if you want to get published.  There are endless numbers of writers out there who want to get published but most of them have absolutely no idea how to make that happen.  One of the valuable lessons that you will learn while pursuing your MFA is how to work toward getting your writing published.  You can learn this not from a theoretical perspective but from those who have actually had to go through the process themselves.  You can learn this from your teachers, from the famous writers you will meet, and possibly even from other students. 

To Get More Time

Getting your MFA will give you time to do everything that you need to do before you make it your sole focus to attempt to become a professional writer.  You will have time to improve your writing and time to learn what being a writer is really like.  On top of this, you will have time write without being distracted by a full-time job that may not be your ultimate career goal.  Time to work on making connections in the world of publishing is yet another benefit that you will receive from pursuing your MFA. 

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