George Tower at Pangantucan Bukidnon

Last February 9, 2014, George Tower has finally opened its door for clients and customers. Yes, the long wait is over. All the people of Pangantucan Bukidnon has been waiting for more than two years I believe and finally George Tower had its Grand Opening last month.

This photo was taken by my friend Ricky Amor and I want to share this beautiful photo to you my dear friends.

George Tower is a 5-storey mall located in Market Side, Poblacion Pangantucan Bukidnon. It is definitely a one-stop-shop which cater all your needs and NO, I am not paid to make a post about this mall. The first floor is where the wet market, baked goodies and grocery is located. The second floor comprises of the hair saloon, medical clinic, serenity spa, gift shop, internet cafe, travel and tour shop and of course Alberto’s Pizza. You cannot find any Alberto’s Pizza house in Bukidnon, only here in Pangantucan. The third and fourth floor houses the department store, toys and cellphone shops, kitchen ware, plastic ware, furniture, and all your other needs. While the top floor is where the overview grill and restaurant is located and their function hall.

And I forgot to mention that this 5-storey building has an elevator! Yes, an elevator that is available for use for its customers. What are you waiting for? Visit Pangantucan Bukidnon now and check out George Tower Mall!!!

Kab Scout Jb

Last week, Pangantucan Central Elementary School held a BSP and GSP camping event. My son being a first grader had joined the activities as a Kab Scout, basically he is a Boy Scout yet because of his age. As a supporting mom, I went to their school and showed him that I am there to celebrate the event with him, and cheer him with all the activities that they have prepared. They had a program and my son had memorized some of the things they need for their presentation.

A Visit to my Former School

My son is already in Kinder 2 and his school is located in front of my former school in high school. So I went to my former school, took some photos of my favorite place and I shared it on my instagram and Facebook account. Truly, a lot of people who graduated from the same school liked and commented in my photo saying they also missed the place.

This is the photo that I shared in my Instagram and Facebook account, this is a photo of our library, mini-library. This is where I spent almost all of my free time, and this is where I have developed my love for books and reading. We have a small place for a library and sometimes it can’t cater to all the enrolled students in this school.

Looking at the photo above I am thinking of telling the people who manage the school to add some tables and chairs inside and outside the library. They can try out ca patio furniture for a slight and unique change in the school library. The students needs something refreshing while studying and reading their lessons so a furniture with a different look might enticed them to visit the school library more often.

I see schools that has great furniture and yes, I would say that it has a positive effect on the students. They spend more time inside the library than in the malls. Adding a little twist might be the answer to bring more students to the place.

Triple Drum

My brother joined the school band last year and he used the bass drum. This year, he wants to try out his skills in triple drums. The problem is, there are no extra triple drums in their school so we needed to buy a new one for him. I said no, because it is not very practical to spend such big amount of money for something that he will just use this year and probably will ditch the triple drum next year. But he keeps on begging me and I finally bought him a triple drum for his school band and I don’t know if 5 years from now he will ask for a rickenbacker 360 because he really wants to learn to play the guitar, he currently practices using my classical guitar. And if ever he’ll ask for an electric guitar like a rickenbacker, I think he will not like it if I say no, so I might as well save money today for his electric guitar.

The triple drum costs $160 and I just hope that he will still use it even if he is in high school already. He looks so small bringing his triple drum during the parade here:

1st Mayor Manolito G. Garces Trail Run Challenge

Our “Araw ng Pangantucan” is fast-approaching. When I visited our Municipal Hall I have seen a poster about the “1st Mayor Manolito G. Garces Trail Run Challenge. Oh how time flies, I can still remember that last year during our Fiesta Celebration, I have organized a FUN RUN as a fund-raising activity. It must have paved the way for this Trail Run Challenge created by the Municipal Tourism Office.

The 1st Mayor Manolito G. Garces Trail Run Challenge will be on June 30, 2012 here in Pangantucan Bukidnon. Categories are:
• 2K – Registration Fee 250php, this is for the kids (boys and girls) ages 12 years old and below
• 5K – Registration Fee 300php, open for men and women
• 10K – Registration Fee 350php, open men and women, 2 hours cut-off time
• 21K – Registration Fee 400php, open for men only, 4hours cut-off time
There are cash prizes for the top three runners in each category plus 7 consolation prizes.

For more info, please contact:
 Municipal Tourism Office
o Mr. Renato Sabado,CPA (09184407805/09177077805)
 Registration Centers
o Pangantucan – KALTREKS (Hardtrail Outdoor Shop – 09177171207)
o Maramag – LAKBAI Outdoor Shop (09195251799)
o Valencia – BIBWAK Outdoor Shop (09195251799)
o Malaybalay – PANAHIK Adventure Centre (09178226260)
This event is sponsored by:
 Office of Jesus Emmanuel M. Paras
 Office of Sangguniang Bayan
 Hon. Antonio M. Garces

For those who are interested, please join this activity/event and I know you will surely enjoy the view here in our place.

FUN RUN in Pangantucan Bukidnon

This is a very late post, I know. I have been busy last year and I have forgotten all about the FUN RUN for a CAUSE that we have organized. When I checked my drafts, I still have the uploaded pictures here but I have forgotten to make a post about it.

The FUN RUN was a huge success, it was our first time to organize such event in our small home town and yet there are people from other places who have joined the event. Aside from that, we were able to ask for sponsorship from generous people.

It was hard at first because I didn’t know what to do to have a successful FUN RUN. I am glad though because some of my town mates were there to help in organizing the FUN RUN.

I am the one who registered all the participants for the FUN RUN so I was there as early as 3:30 in the morning. With me are the Green Warriors from Malaybalay City who helped in organizing the FUN RUN.

Before they start the race, one of the Green Warrior members showed the participants how to properly stretch to avoid getting cramps while running.

Yes, they are finally getting ready here for the RUN.

Ex-PBA Star Playing in our Town Fiesta

I got ROBERT WAINWRIGHT right here by my side. I am not a Basketball Fanatic and so when I saw this basketball player playing in our basketball court I have no idea who he is. But my boyfriend loves basketball, aside from the fact that he plays the sports, he also loves to watch NBA, PBA and the likes. So yes, he knows this man.

Okay, just for my boyfriend to be satisfied, after the championship game, I asked Rob Wainwright to strike a pose with me and smile.

Every year as we celebrate our town fiesta, we had a Mayor’s Basketball Cup. And we are so lucky this year because many great basketball players have graced our basketball court.

Fun Run for a Cause

Our Town Fiesta is fast-approaching and in line with this, we have created a FUN and HEALTHY ACTIVITY for all the people who are sports enthusiasts and not. We have been planning to have a “FUN RUN for CAUSE” this coming Fiesta and thanks God, the Committee de Festijos have agreed and gave us a free date for the said activity.

The registration has already started and for 100php only, people can join our FUN RUN with 2 categories, 3KM and 5KM. The registration fee is inclusive of Certificate, Race Bib and Key chain.

There are 6 winners in each category and their prizes includes a t-shirt and a trophy. This is for a cause so the money that will be raised will be used for our project this coming December for our indigenous tribes in our town.

Aside from that, we also accept SPONSORS for the said event, you can contact me here if you re interested.

Help Wanted

For my online friends who already know about what happened in my dear Alma Mater (Pangantucan Central Elementary School – Pangantucan Bukidnon), this post will not be a surprise. I have posted a help campaign from my other blog (Farm Girl Blogger) because it is where I posted the events that are happening in my home town.

Honestly, I have not posted enough for this year because I have been very busy with my personal life, but now I have thought of sharing the different events that took place in my home town because I have so many “Kababayans” who are working abroad and who would love to read what are the improvements that are happening in our beloved town. They wanted to be updated, to see the hometown they have never seen for a long time and to read something about their hometown online.

Back to my title post, this is a post where in help is wanted. Yes, I am looking for people who could help me with my cause. A part of our elementary school caught fire last September 09, 2011. Though there was nobody injured during the incident, 4 classrooms, 1 school clinic and our entire school band instruments were destroyed by the fire. We were not able to save anything from it aside from some teacher’s tables and pupil’s desks because our school building was made of wood and light materials that is why it was hard to fight down the fire and save the other classrooms beside it.

I was once a member of the School Band that is why it pains me to see that the band members are having troubles practicing simply because they have no band instruments to play on. Our town fiesta is fast approaching and there would be no elementary school band to lead the parade if we cannot find ways to have band instruments. As of now, I am finding ways to help my school, there are already people who have pledge for some of the band instruments and there are people who also send money to help. But it is still not enough. I am asking your kind hearts to please help me with my cause, if you are willing to help, you can send any amount of money to my paypal account (charming_anne106(@)yahoo(dot)com) so that I could also buy a band instrument that would be a great help to my school.

Some of you who are really kind and love helping people may enjoy programs via where you could become a social worker.

God Bless your Beautiful Soul