Indoor Pet Potty Training

If you have been allowing anxiety of potty training to prevent you from bringing a dog or puppy into your life, there is a product available that makes potty training unbelievably easy. This product has far more benefits than simply being an ideal potty training tool. It is an ideal permanent potty option for apartment or condo living situations. The indoor pet potty at is an amazing potty training tool. The Potty Training Pet Apartment (PTPA) they offer comes with an instructional DVD that contains valuable information and instructions. You can read testimonials from satisfied customers that relate their experience with the PTPA. You will notice that some of these testimonials come from people who have easily and successfully trained older puppies and puppy breeds that have a reputation for being difficult to potty train. There are numerous advantages to making a Pet Apartment a regular part of your home. Once you have trained your dog to use the potty apartment, you can leave your dog home while you are at work and not worry about them not having an opportunity or an appropriate place to potty. Puppies need to potty more often than adult dogs and chances are your work schedule can not be adjusted to accommodate their needs. The puppy apartment solves that problem. You will definitely appreciate the benefit of the PTPA during inclement weather. It also keeps you from having to venture out at night to walk your dog so that it can potty outside.

Potty Training my daughter

It is never too early to potty train your baby. My daughter is 11 months old and yes I am trying my best to potty train her as early as now. I bought a pink potty for her and she liked it. Though she didn’t know what to do with it at first, she thought it was a toy and I taught her that it is not.
She was listening at me when Ate Rose took this picture:

I was talking to her on what to do with the new thing she is holding in her hand.