Random Act of Kindness

Last Wednesday, we had Chicay’s Rotavirus vaccine at our Municipal Health Center. Every Wednesday is the schedule for immunization in our little town, so we went there early in order to get a priority number and finish first before some of my townsmen arrive. We arrive at the RHU at around 8 am, and we left after 1 hour of waiting. We are the 4th patient and waited for our turn.

There was this young mother who got the first priority number; she brought her baby boy for his 5 in 1 vaccine. At around 8:15 am, her baby boy made a poo-poo, she was angry and kept on scolding her 4 months old baby. She was saying that they will just wait for their turn and change her baby’s diaper when they get home. But her son is not in the mood already, the baby boy kept on crying maybe because he is not comfortable with himself. So I thought to myself, maybe she has no extra disposable diaper that is why she is scolding her baby. So I told her that she can have my extra diaper, I always brought extra diapers with me every time we leave the house in case my Chicay will need it. She was hesitant at first but I told her that she doesn’t need to pay me; she can have it so that her baby will stop from crying because we are still waiting for the midwives and the nurses that will give the vaccines. She thanked me and changed her baby’s diapers and soon after her son was okay.

You know, it is not every day that we encounter people who needs our help, may it a little one or big one. This is just one random act of kindness and yes, I didn’t do anything great to be called a good person, but I did make a mark on someone else’s life for doing so.



One Random Act of Kindness

I have noticed that beggars in the streets are increasing in numbers, aside from the fact that more and more children are beginning to live in the corners of different buildings in the city and ask money to every shopper they can see.

Sometimes, I feel irritated, especially when they grab my shirt and beg for money and it makes me think that I need cord cover for my sleeves. Sometimes, I feel angry towards this kind of people because they are everywhere I go and they don’t easily go away unless I give them my spare coins. I don’t blame the government for this kind of people; I blame the people themselves because why can’t they find a suitable way to earn money aside from begging on the streets? How can you expect me to have a generous heart when I can see that they are not physically handicapped and that they can do great deals of work if they want to?

But what can I do, I have not experienced their lives. I have not tried to live in the streets and ask for money. I have not asked them if they have tried to look for work and they just didn’t get any work because nobody trusted them. I realized that I should not judge them and by not judging them is one random act of kindness I believe.

Month of Hearts

January has ended yesterday, I am welcoming the month of hearts with full of LOVE, LOVE, and more LOVE.

Some people say that love makes the world go round and I totally agree with them. I mean, if love doesn’t exist how can we be at peace with the world and with the people around us? How can we exist serenely with each other? Love is the main reason why we are here, alive, kicking and working our way to reach our goals and dreams. The love of God has been the primary reason why He created us, and the love of God for mankind is also the reason why He sends Jesus Christ to save us.

I hope that for the month of February, we will love each other truthfully without expecting anything in return. And I hope that we will not only show our love to people who are our family and relatives but we will also extend our love to people who are in need. Sharing our blessings from God to other people who are in need is another way of showing our love to our co-human beings and our love to our God.

I am encouraging all my readers and blogging friends to do one act of kindness every day.