Triple Drum

My brother joined the school band last year and he used the bass drum. This year, he wants to try out his skills in triple drums. The problem is, there are no extra triple drums in their school so we needed to buy a new one for him. I said no, because it is not very practical to spend such big amount of money for something that he will just use this year and probably will ditch the triple drum next year. But he keeps on begging me and I finally bought him a triple drum for his school band and I don’t know if 5 years from now he will ask for a rickenbacker 360 because he really wants to learn to play the guitar, he currently practices using my classical guitar. And if ever he’ll ask for an electric guitar like a rickenbacker, I think he will not like it if I say no, so I might as well save money today for his electric guitar.

The triple drum costs $160 and I just hope that he will still use it even if he is in high school already. He looks so small bringing his triple drum during the parade here: