Being a Bridesmaid

On being a bridesmaid, which I always am, all I can say is that you needed to prepare a lot of things. I mean, hey, let us all accept the fact that we needed to be beautiful and sexy and we want (together with the couple) to be perfect for the wedding.
Some girls even went to different saloons and spas to get prepared. In order to have an outcome like this one:

Isn’t that a pretty pose? (yeah, I am just trying my luck on being a model.teehee)
So, back to the main reason of this blog entry. For me, these are the things you needed to prepare in attending a wedding : a clean teeth, no eye bags (make sure to sleep early before the wedding), a good shaven/plucked underarm (you don’t want the guests to think that you came from the outer space do you?), and a perfect shoes womens. I mean hey, look at this picture, and tell me if I don’t have it.