When you hear the place Thailand, what comes to your mind? Elephant is it? Well, well, well I do not know why when the place Thailand is mentioned, elephant always follows maybe because Thailand has many elephants.

I have visited Thailand last March and I can say that it is the shopping capital for sassy and chic women. I even have my share of shopping sprees when I went there. I have bought dresses, t-shirts for my brothers, sandals and I even bought Coke in a bottle and brought it home. And let me tell you that I have seen a true elephant too, it is so big and I was able to feed him with sugarcane (if I only knew it loves such crop I should have brought a lot of it from my place).

I failed to see the floating market or the Buddhist temples in Thailand but I have met my friends in high school that were working there. The picture above is what I have bought as an object from different places that would remind me that I have visited that place.