Tips On Planning A Wedding

When the time comes to plan your wedding, there may be some things which are nice to know, things that one rarely or never thinks about unless there is a wedding involved. It is for this reason that these top expert tips on planning a wedding are presented to you.

1. Remember that the guests come first. Know in advance the rough number of guests who may be attending or who have been invited so you will know which building to rent at which to have the wedding. One major mistake newbies make is to rent a building which is either too small or too large for their event.

2. Check out what is going on in the area on the date you have chosen. There may be local events such as sporting events or charity walks which can have a major impact on traffic or the availability of rooms at hotels.

3. Pay attention the weather. Most guests will not want to cut through a long ceremony if it is outdoors and the heat is stifling or if it is indoors in a poorly-heated building. Make sure the event is appropriate for the weather of the season. Always have a backup plan in case of the weather changes suddenly. Sometimes Mother Nature simply does not want to cooperate.

4. If all of this seems like it could be the beginning of an extended headache, consider using the service of professional event coordinators such as Maggie Valley weddings. BY going this route, you can alleviate much stress and focus on what is important, namely the big day which will be one of the happiest of your life.

With proper planning and foresight, there is no reason to have a stressful wedding day. Just follow the aforementioned advice to have a joyous occasion.

Wedding Dresses

Weddings are one of the most wonderful events we could witness of. A wonderful sense of fulfillment seen in the bride’s eyes, and the happiness the groom exudes with. And as we become part of such memorable occasion, we see to it that we are presentable as we could be for the couple’s wedding.

Brides wear elegant and gorgeous wedding gown that flatter their figure. From laces, beads, and tulle used in simple wedding dresses, the bride will definitely look stunning with her chosen wedding gown.


Bridesmaids now wear color-themed dresses with their choice of cut and style, unlike a few years ago where bridesmaid dresses are of the same design. Today’s wedding gives the bridesmaids the chance of choosing their preferred party dress for the wedding.

Flower girls, on the other hand, will always look sweet on their flower dresses that usually resemble a fairy or ballerina themed style; paired up with either a flower crown or tiara.

Meanwhile, for the moms, they could be stunning with mother of the bride dresses tea length design that is simple yet elegant. They could also choose from floor length, knee length, or ankle length wedding party dresses. Whichever cut they prefer, there’s no doubt where the bride got their fashion sense.

Nevertheless, wedding party dresses won’t be complete without a perfect set of jewelries, bag, and shoes. Accessorize your complete look with rhinestone or pearl jewelries, alongside with a brooch or barrette. Of course, a fabulous handbag that perfectly matches the color of the wedding party dress or the shoes. Speaking of, stilettos serve as a cherry-on-top to complete the whole outfit. And since, it’s a wedding, don’t forget about the flowers, fresh flowers to be exact! A wonderful bridal bouquet for the bride; a cute flower crown or flower basket for the flower girls; a bouquet or a corsage for the bridesmaids and the mother of the bride and groom.


Weddings has always been one of my favorite events. I love the moment when the bride enters the church and walk the aisle with a smile on her face. I also love the theme that each couple would come up, and how the organizers pulled up the event successfully.

Planning a wedding will never be easy because of the number of things that needed to be prepared. The church, the venue for reception, the gowns, the food, the platinum wedding bands, and much more. But no matter how the preparations were made, what’s most important is the ceremony and vows of the bride and the groom.

Photography and Weddings

I am a wedding planner want-to-be (wanna-be) but I just cannot find the time and try to be one. Maybe because I don’t want it that badly that is why I cannot find the time to try it out or maybe I have no close friend or relative that is soon to be wedded couples that is why I have not try my skills in planning a grandeur wedding.

But still, I am a sucker for weddings! I love to see people getting married and I love to attend wedding receptions. I always bring my camera with me and capture a lot of beautiful memories for the couple. Of course, I also take photos not only of the couple or the entourage and guests but also of the dining table, wedding arrangement, and of course the wedding centerpieces. I love the way wedding caterers choose their table arrangements and designs to match it with the wedding couple’s wedding theme.

And speaking of wedding themes, the wedding couple should decide early or even before they have started to prepare for that big event in their life so that they will have the perfect wedding that they have been dreaming of. Matching up everything will make the wedding more splendid.

Preparing for My Wedding

Just Kidding! I am not preparing for my wedding just yet. I am dreaming of walking down that aisle for so long already but no, I am not getting married this year. If you are an avid follower, you must have seen or read my posts about preparing for my brother’s wedding early this year and the wedding didn’t push through that is why I stopped posting about weddings here.

But as I was cleaning my room, I saw the wedding magazines I bought last January for my brother’s wedding and I cannot help myself but browse and read some pages of it. I will get married eventually though this is not the right time yet, so I might as well take down some notes on what to do and what to prepare and what to look for before the “Big Day” of my life.

I realized that it is hard to prepare for a wedding, you need to look for the right wedding florists, and the one you can afford yet can give you the best and elegant-looking designs for your wedding day. You also need to budget everything, from your wedding gown to your entourage’s dresses, from your preferred Church up to your choice for a wedding reception. Stick to your budget, thinking that getting married happens only once in a lifetime and that you should spend a lot on it is not the right way of thinking. Money is so hard to earn these days so better save up and spend wisely on your wedding day needs. It is not wise to spend extravagantly and though you think that you do not need wedding planners, think again. Wedding planners know who to contact, they know a lot of wedding suppliers that falls into your budget and they helped you lay down to the table all your wedding needs without forgetting something.

Wedding Band Types

There are many different wedding band types. The amount of metals now being used in jewelry is at an all time high. There seems to be new innovations every year. More people are using these new resources to make the wedding jewelry industry explode with new ideas. The most sought after are wedding bands platinum. These wedding bands are the most pure so it is a good sign for your love for each other. They are also made of the rarest precious metal on the planet. So you are going to get quality and value from the. There are many new alternative metals being used. If you have a metal allergy there are even wedding bands for you. The different types can be counted by the dozen. Sometimes it makes it difficult to find the right one.

If you don’t really feel like breaking the bank for a platinum wedding band you have other options to get the same look. You can look at palladium ring bands. These are going to look and feel the same as platinum at a fraction of the cost. It is a good idea to try several on first before committing to one ring for your wedding. Different styles will fit differently. They will also wear in their own unique way as well.

Wedding Gown

I can’t help myself from not thinking about my wedding day and what kind of wedding gown I will be wearing. I am my brother’s wedding planner, remember, and because I am not married yet, I can’t help myself from not thinking of how I would look like on my wedding day too.

Planning the wedding includes looking for the best wedding dress for the bride. Checking out every gown designers who can create the best bridal gown that will suit the bride.

I also want my future SIL to have the best wedding of all time because she is going to marry my brother. Aside from that fact, I so love my brother that I want him to have the best wedding of his life too. He is the first one of the family to get married that is why we are all excited for this wedding.

Wedding Themes and Concepts

The wedding planner in me keeps on thinking what is the nice wedding theme or concept for the coming wedding of my brother. So far, I have made this list:
1. Garden Wedding – because they are planning to held the ceremonies at the wedding reception venue, I am thinking of garden themed wedding. They can have butterflies flying above their head after the wedding rites. The lovely bridesmaids will bring fairy wands instead of bouquets and the cute little flower girls will wear butterfly wings.
2. Beach Wedding – I am thinking of a beach themed wedding for my brother and his girlfriend. The bride will wear a simple white laced dress and the groom will wear white polo and pants for a perfect beach wedding. No more stilettos for the guests, they could wear flip flops instead. And the bridesmaids? They can wear swimsuits if they want to.
3. Cartoon Characters themed Wedding – My brother and his girlfriend loves to watch cartoons and anime’s perhaps they would like to have a cartoon/anime themed wedding where in everybody who wants to witness their wedding could look like their favorite cartoon character, yes, I mean why not Cosplay for the wedding?

I have made this list and I still have lots in my mind right now. Will try to share some for the next coming days.

Wedding Photography and Videography

I have been posting a lot about wedding but no, I am not getting married, its my little brother who is getting hitched this coming March. But I am the one who’s been so very busy looking for all the things they need to have a great wedding.

As of now, I am still looking for the perfect wedding photographer and videographer for my brother and his future wife. Checking all the possible people that is right for the job, somebody who can give me the best package available at a possible price too. So far, I have checked more than 5 people who offers great services with regards to wedding photography and videography. I even checked out their sites and download video to compare them from one another.

Aside from that I am also asking people I know if ever they know somebody who can do the job best. I have a lot of friends who got married last year and maybe they can help me decide who to choose as my brother’s wedding photographer and videographer.

Wedding Planner

I am acting as the wedding planner for the upcoming wedding of my brother, I know, I am such a sucker for weddings. I love weddings, I love to attend weddings and I can’t even wait for my very own wedding (but it is still so faraway from reality though).

And because my little brother is getting married this coming March 2012, I want to help them organize their wedding. I am not a wedding planner and I haven’t even planned my own wedding just yet, but I know I can manage the responsibility of organizing the best wedding for my brother.

So bear with me because from today, I will be posting a lot about my brother’s upcoming wedding on how I prepared for it. Planning weddings is not my cup of tea, just yet, but it will be, I know it’s not as easy as having log cabin decor in our house but with my friend and relative’s help, I know I can manage to pull it off.

For starters, I am thinking and scouring the internet for possible wedding theme and wedding concept. We have their motif already and it is royal blue mixed with silver.