The Fairy Hobmother paid me a visit

I have seen a lot of bloggers blogging about a visit from a certain fairy, The Fairy Hobmother. So I was waiting, patiently waiting for his visit in my blogs. I have followed his steps, I have visited and commented in different blog posts that talked about him, I even followed him on TWITTER. Luckily, he didn’t fail me.

The Fairy Hobmother has his fairy overlords at Appliances Online , I checked it out and guess what I have found, the perfect washing machine for our home. We needed a new washing machine now that our good ol’ laundry woman will leave us for good. I know everybody needs a good washing machine so go on, check their site out  maybe just like me, you’ll find the one machine for you too.

He said that he was sorry, he’s been busy spreading his fairy dust to everyone. I am sure he won’t miss your blog, just leave a comment below, with your email add and blog sites, be sure to follow him on twitter (FAIRY HOBMOTHER) and tweet something nice to him.

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