The Good Old Business : Restaurants

Philippines is a FOOD CAPITAL. Everywhere I go I see restaurants, food carts, food chains and everything else that sells food. The people who sells food varies, we have the finest restaurants for the elite and rich people, we have the fast-food chains for those who have salaries enough to spend on them, and we have the food carts and food vendors along the highways for the people who loves to eat but couldn’t afford to eat at the restaurants.

It is easy to manage a food carts because there is only one person who handles everything, from the cooking to the selling of the foods. The usual foods sold in the food cart are “Squid Balls”, “Tempura”, “Camote Cue” and “Banana Cue”, and other food that are easy to prepare. While the fast-food chain and the restaurant needs a lot of people, from the restaurant manager to the service crews and the people who cooks the food. Restaurant System is a big help to restaurants and fast-food chains in order to have a clean and good record of their sales and everything else that matters about the business.

People eat. So selling food is always a good business.

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