The Height Of Floor Tile Elegance

If you are in the market for elegance and a touch of class, then be thinking in terms of Travertine tiles for your home, patio or office building reception area. While its name varies from dealer to dealer, its distinguishing characteristics are known by tile contractors everywhere.


There are no boundaries or restrictions as to where and how you may use this versatile stone with a touch of subtle, antique beauty. A premium stone, it does marvelously well in the interior or in the exterior of almost place. Typically used in kitchen floors and back-splashes, they look their best in entryways and surrounding a warm fireplace.

Rugged Consistency

Long-standing, durable and representing aged stressing with a look to the classic antique style, this stone is meant to stand the tests of both weather events and time.

Made to last, Travertine tiles are also easy to maintain with minimum effort. However, rigidly following a manufacturer’s instructions is a must when dealing with the fine quality Travertine tile. In addition, professional contractors, such as found at, would also be able to advise you as to your stone options.

Travertine stone tiles are easily cleaned on a regular basis using a solvent-free, chemical-free and acid-free cleaner to keep surfaces looking their best. Moreover, as this stone comes from limestone origins, your stone supplier is normally the best choice for more detailed cleaning tips and advice.

Affordability And Upgrade Of Resale Values

When added to areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and patios, instant upgrade value is added to a property once the resale time approaches. Moreover, its relative affordability makes it a choice stone for many property owners.

A Wide Range Of Styles, Designs and Colors For Every Area Of Your Property

Coming in classic beige, sunset gold, decorative, dark noir and silver-fox gray, the surface selection is also an interior designer’s paradise. Surface styles come in quality choices of smooth honed and filled Travertine, in addition to tumbled and classic antique tiles.

For a stone marked by craftsmanship and affordability, Travertine stone may be your best choice.

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