Thoughts on Having my Own Home

It just dawn on me. I have been living with my parents for so long already and I have never thought of buying a home for me and my son. I haven’t thought about it maybe because it is uncommon for Filipinos who are not yet married to leave her/his parent’s home to have her/his own. So up until now, I still ask for my parent’s approval whenever I bought something for myself or for my son that is more than the budgeted money and I also ask permission if I want to go out with some friends at night or perhaps a weekend over night at some place.

Back to having homes, actually I have been thinking of having a rest house somewhere near vacation and tourist places in our country. I know it is quite expensive but maybe I could do something about that. I have been checking out some furniture that could go so well with my chosen vacation home. I also checked out log cabin decor online because I have been thinking of choosing between bungalows and log cabins.

I know that having a new home or rest house is costly nowadays. The building and the lot are already expensive excluding the furniture that you need to buy to complete your home. And of course let us not forget that aside from the furniture such as dining set, living room set and bedroom set that you really need, you also need to decorate your home with some decors that would make it look more of yourself and make you feel at home.

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