To Choose Group or Private Safaris in Tanzania?

The planning and selling of tours / itenararies by the safaris in Tanzania are usually done 2 calendar years ahead. Thus, the details of it are already considered as fixed and cannot be adjusted such as the number of days on safari, hotel and lodge choices, meals and other details. What is left for the traveller to decide is up to only the safari start date of the travel or adventure. Another choice is if you go for group or private safaris in Tanzania.

Group Safaris in Tanzania

As expected, group safaris are less expensive than the private ones because of the wholesale deals, hotel group discounts and regular schedule reservations. If this option is selected, the process involves first selecting a safari operator and an itinerary. An email then is needed to be sent to the operators for a total costs requests. Sometimes, group safaris in Tanzania can be changed into a private involving a small additional fee. The cost differences would be on the type of accommodation and alternate park routes.

Private Safaris in Tanzania

The best thing about private safaris is its customized itinerary modified according to the participant’s interests and choices unlike from what is mentioned earlier. It includes a safari guide and 4WD vehicle for personal and exclusive use. 1 passenger or 2 can already avail this one.

The big advantage of private safaris in Tanzania is one is not depending on a rigid time schedule. Such is perfect for a novice explorer as it gives them solitude and freedom and away from problems such as “worrying of taken / available seats”.


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