Tokens for the Mommy Bloggers

The PMC Grand EB is fast-approaching and I am sad that I cannot join it. Meeting the people behind every blog is one thing I would love to do because I feel different towards the blogs they own if I can put faces behind it. Maybe next Grand Eye Ball I will be there but as of now I am contented sending my love to every member of the Pinay Mommy Community. I would be sending each of those who will join a token and it looks like these:

I made these with my own hands and I hope the mommies would love it.

12 thoughts on “Tokens for the Mommy Bloggers

  1. i salute to moms like you who are into crafting…i wish i could be like you…someday when my daughter grows bigger that would be the best bonding time. very nice and thoughtful tokens! see u then!

  2. Woo! I love this! 😀 I am a book worm but would you believe I don’t own a single bookmark.. 😛 How do I keep tabs on where I left off if I put down my book? I don’t ever put it down until I finish.. 😛

  3. wow! these are so nice. I am also into needlecrafts like cross stitching and it will really makes a difference if gifts are done with a heart 🙂 cheers!

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