Toy Stories #1

Shopping Bag

This is a new MEME hosted by a PMC mommy and I am glad to join this one because my son has so many toys in his closet. But right now I want to share with you his latest toy: A new PSP 3000.

If you are an avid reader, you probably know that he has a PSP 3000, black color since he was 2 years old because his godmother Lori gave him one. But after two years, the PSP gave up on him. I needed to buy him another one because my brother has a PSP too and wont let Jb play with it. We bought another one in Ayala, Cebu and he was so ecstatic because it has a different color, a Silver one.


  1. raya says:

    my kids don’t have that yet but they are so fond of playing games in my computer, kumpitensya sa akong blogging! hahaha..nice toy you have there, kid!
    thanks for the visit, mommy joanne (kababayan!)

  2. J Allyssa says:

    Wow, PSP 3000. Your son must be very happy! My 5y/o cousin wants to have her own na din, she’s very fond of playing it, sobrang focused pag naglalaro.

  3. Keanna says:

    Would you believe I play Tekken? hehe! I love PSP games too but I only have a GameBoy. That will be in my wish list or a Nintendo DS perhaps.
    Sorry for the late visit. Here’s my share . Thanks and see you around!

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