Toys for the Little Boys

We spend our weekends at Cagayan de Oro; it was spur of the moment decision. CDO is five hours drive from my place but it is all worth it. The movie theatres and big malls are in the city, and some shops and best restaurants are only there also. It’s been awhile since we visited the city, so we had the best of our time last weekend.

My son loves to play with these toys at Lim Ket Kai Center; I need to pay 20php for a 5-minute ride though. And he spent 120php I guess before he gets tired of driving around. I know it is expensive but I need to let him splurge and seeing those smiles on his face is a great happiness for me too. I can spend all the money in the world just to see my son happy. And I know it all goes the same for all the parents out there too.

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  1. Your son sure looked happy there. I remember when my children was at his age, makulit and everything, but the makulit stage that used to be cute changed to annoying hahaha! Our place is near every malls, high end to super cheap but I guess it does take away the excitement kase sanay ka na.

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