Trash Talking:Look Who’s Talking

I don’t write “hate blog posts” or “hate articles” simply because I don’t hate the world that much to write something against my co-bloggers or against people who I interact with every day of my life. I don’t know why there are so called bloggers who kept on trash-talking other bloggers in order for their blogs to be famous. I mean, hey, seriously, people will read your post because you are trash-talking them for God’s sake.

I have read so many hate articles already in my lifetime which includes but is not limited to people who write bad things about my nation, about my nationality, even about my place, and now I am reading a hate post about mommy bloggers. Oh, well, I am a mother, and I am a blogger (if writing an article in my blog for $$$ is what makes one a blogger then I am). I have many followers, I have many friends, and yes I love to accept free stuffs from the internet when I sign up to different clubs and groups. But you don’t have the right to judge me or my co-mommy bloggers. Sometimes, it all boils down to this: “What comes out from your mouth is who you are inside”. So if you are talking trash then perhaps, you are a garbage can full of trash.

You may have a grade of A++ in your English Grammar and you may have perfected the art of blogging, but you are nothing compare to a person who doesn’t speak ill of his or her co-human being just for FUN, just to get famous or simply just because they want to.

3 thoughts on “Trash Talking:Look Who’s Talking

  1. peeps who thrash talk were conceited, insecure and full of frustrations in life. walang magawa sa buhay nila^_^

    (hmmm, saang site kaya matatagpuan ang ganyang thrash talker, pasilip, hihi)

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