Turn OFF that Location Services Settings for your Photos

You have probably seen that VIDEO about how scary it is to take our photos using our cellphones. And just like you, I am scared to death too. Imagine how easy it is for criminals to look for us just by looking at our photos that we have uploaded in our social media accounts. Some of my photos are posted publicly, because I need to and I want to, though I am not a celebrity or a famous person, I have my own reasons that is why I cannot simply upload it privately.

Here let me show you how I turned off my Location Services setting for my photos in my smart phone. Some people might think this is stupid (my HOW TO turn it off) but believe me, there are people who doesn’t know how to do it simply because they don’t care much about their cell phones, they just use it for making calls, for texting, for taking photos but they don’t check every thing in their phones, they don’t even know what is the IMEI number of their smart phones and doesn’t even care where they can find it.

First, you need to go to your iPhone’s Settings, it looks like this:

Then look for the PRIVACY. When you are in the privacy settings, tap that Location Services:


You can choose to TURN IT ALL OFF just by touching that circle beside the ON. But please, don’t because you need the location services when you use the Google Maps, and it might come handy when your iPhone gets stolen.
IMG_9834You just have to turn the Location Services for your Camera and other Photo editing apps in here:


This might sound or look ridiculous for those tech savvy people out there, but for those who don’t know what to do, this might be of great help to you.

10 thoughts on “Turn OFF that Location Services Settings for your Photos

  1. when I first set-up my gadgets, I didn’t enable location services except for the maps. when this news came out, i double checked my settings and i’m glad that i turned them off even before learning about the dangers/security risk of this feature.

  2. Mine has been off eversince. It’s really quite scary how we make the criminals lives so easy by just posting photos with our locations visible. It’s better to be paranoid than be sorry.

  3. I first learned about this on Facebook. 2 friends posted a video about this. After watching the video (which is a clip from BBC News), I felt horrified. My phone is not GPS-capable, but my husband’s phone is. Thankfully, we haven’t posted anything while the location services was on. And then the news spread like wildfire, nasa local tv na yung balita. It’s creepy talaga na somebody’s stalking you, especially if you have a kid like me.

  4. I’ve seen that video on Facebook too and the first thing I did was check if my location services for my photos were on, it turns out it was already off. 😀 Haha! I’m paranoid like that, but I always say it’s better to be paranoid and safe, than sorry afterwards. 😛

  5. I think most camera enthusiasts are aware of this but it’s still great for the video to inform parents about a way to track the photos location. These details are important and should be included in the phone’s manual as a safety precaution.

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