Unpredictable Weather

I thought summer is here but I was wrong all along. As a matter of fact, heavy rains fell from the sky just now. And I realize that I needed a sheepskin bomber jacket to protect me from the cold weather. This is the perks of living in a tropical country, you don’t have four seasons that you can trust to arrive (summer, spring, fall and winter), you only have two weather seasons (rainy and sunny) which sometimes cannot be determined when they will arrive and when they will end. So having the typical clothes to wear for both seasons should be kept in your wardrobe cabinet all of the time. Unlike when you live in a country where the seasons happened when they are meant and determined to happen, you can keep your winter clothes tucked away during the summer season.

The weather is so unpredictable these days, I don’t know if this is truly what climate change is all about or perhaps, this is just another of Mother Nature’s mood swings. But anyway, I am still thankful whatever the season or the weather is as long as I am ALIVE because I get to appreciate the beauty of nature itself no matter what happens.

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