Valentine’s Day Card Ideas

I haven’t received any Valentine’s Day card for this year and it didn’t surprise me. Why? Because I don’t usually receive cards for Valentine’s Day, I used to give a lot of cards during Valentine’s Day when I was in high school but nobody gives me a card. Some Valentine’s Day cards are hand-made, some are bought from stores and some are uniquely created by me.

Here are some nice ideas for a unique Valentine’s Day cards you can make at home at give next year to your loved-ones and family.
• Heart-formed cards made from red cardboards – this is easy to make, personalized and cheap, you only need cardboards (cartolina) and you can create a lot from one sheet.
• Cards made from bond papers pasted with cut-out hearts and designs from old cards – you only need bond papers, a paste and old Valentine’s Day cards that you have received, you can cut out the design and letters then paste it unto the bond paper and you have created a new Valentine’s Day card.
• Valentine’s Day card made from Cross-stitch – I used to give this kind of card to my parents, yes it is easy and more personalized, there are many ways to create different letters using the thread and cross-stitch cloth.

One thought on “Valentine’s Day Card Ideas

  1. I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day, but I guess, making V-day cards is a good bonding activity to share with my daughter :). If it’s a special day for her, then it should be the same for me. We can always start next year 🙂

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