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I was supposed to write something about Vera of Verabear last night but I can’t figure what topic I would talk about but when I went to her blog just now, I found out she pass to me a versatile blogger award. Thank you so much Vera for the award.

And as part of that award I need to tell you, my dear readers, seven things about myself that you don’t know yet.
• Ever since I was a kid, I know I have a versatile personality or character because aside from being in the top ten, I dance well, I am part of the governing body in school and I love to play. I know I am not that multi-talented because I don’t sing well, but I try hard to be a part of every school activity that I even joined the school band (not the one with the guitars and vocalist but the band with drums and lyres and twirlers).
• When I was in high school, particularly fourth year, I am the school organization President, school seal of the drum and lyre corp, candidate for Valedictorian, cheer leader and declaimer, and still I have time to be a part of the church’s choir ( I am not a good singer but I still can sing).
• During college, I tried to lie-low in too much exposures to different organizations and clubs, so I just choose two, a social involvement program and my course’s club Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants, but I can’t keep myself from being a leader so again, I signed up to become a volunteer for the council.
• Maybe not all people who read my blog know that I tried to work before, but just for 3 months. I work as an accounting clerk in a company that buys chicken and sells dressed-chicken however I have to resign because I am pregnant (and being single that I am) and it shocked my father to death that he wants me to go home and stay home.
• Most bloggers already know that I own a small farm and a small business here in our town but they don’t know the story behind it. I was 7-9 months pregnant at that time and given that I don’t work anymore I tried my luck in sugarcane farming because my father has a 3 hectares land of no use. I drive the commando (a jeep mostly used in American soldiers and became a hit in the Philippines, a 4wd surplus) with a big tummy and I helped in planting the sugarcane.
• My business came about when my son is already 9 months old. Back then, I have no choice but to grab the opportunity life has given me. We need money so I loaned my father’s 2 hectare land (not the one I tilled) and his ten wheelers truck as well to start my business.
• And now, after 2-3 years I have already paid the monthly amortization for the ten wheelers truck and the truck’s registration is already ours again, I only need to pay back the loan for the 2 hectares land of my father. I think I am on the right track of my business.
So, that is me. That is all about me and the truth behind this woman’s smiles.
The rules are simple:
* Be sure to thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.

* Share 7 things about yourself.

* Pass the award to other bloggers who you think deserve it.

* Be sure to let the bloggers know you chose them to receive the award.

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  1. wow! I’ve always wanted a farm to manage. I grew up in a farm and I experienced all the work done in a farm! Very versatile indeed – farmer and blogger!

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