Water Filled and Gel Filled Teethers

I bought 2 Baby Kitty and Baby Daniel teethers last week. They are 10% off and my baby daughter needs it because she is 6 months old already and loves to put anything into her mouth. So I’d rather see her sucking these teethers than sucking our pillows.

The water and gel filled teether is designed to cool and sooth my baby daughter’s tender gums. What I like most about these teethers that I just bought are:

  • They are easy to hold and it wont just slip away from her hands.
  • They have attractive colors so my baby daughter will not look for other things to suck.
  • The water and gel inside these teethers are for safe play.
  • They are easy to clean and can be put inside the refrigerator to be chilled.

My baby daughter is loving her new toys.

6 thoughts on “Water Filled and Gel Filled Teethers

  1. Time flies so fast and now your baby’s teething:)The teethers look so cute…i remembered that I bought the same style of teether to my son when he’s teething but he didn’t use it, maybe because he’s into thumb sucking:)

  2. reminds me when my kids were also teething. These are great for babies. It’s good to know that the water and gel inside these teethers are for safe play.

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