Wedding Photography and Videography

I have been posting a lot about wedding but no, I am not getting married, its my little brother who is getting hitched this coming March. But I am the one who’s been so very busy looking for all the things they need to have a great wedding.

As of now, I am still looking for the perfect wedding photographer and videographer for my brother and his future wife. Checking all the possible people that is right for the job, somebody who can give me the best package available at a possible price too. So far, I have checked more than 5 people who offers great services with regards to wedding photography and videography. I even checked out their sites and download video to compare them from one another.

Aside from that I am also asking people I know if ever they know somebody who can do the job best. I have a lot of friends who got married last year and maybe they can help me decide who to choose as my brother’s wedding photographer and videographer.

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