Wedding Planner

I am acting as the wedding planner for the upcoming wedding of my brother, I know, I am such a sucker for weddings. I love weddings, I love to attend weddings and I can’t even wait for my very own wedding (but it is still so faraway from reality though).

And because my little brother is getting married this coming March 2012, I want to help them organize their wedding. I am not a wedding planner and I haven’t even planned my own wedding just yet, but I know I can manage the responsibility of organizing the best wedding for my brother.

So bear with me because from today, I will be posting a lot about my brother’s upcoming wedding on how I prepared for it. Planning weddings is not my cup of tea, just yet, but it will be, I know it’s not as easy as having log cabin decor in our house but with my friend and relative’s help, I know I can manage to pull it off.

For starters, I am thinking and scouring the internet for possible wedding theme and wedding concept. We have their motif already and it is royal blue mixed with silver.

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