Wedding Themes and Concepts

The wedding planner in me keeps on thinking what is the nice wedding theme or concept for the coming wedding of my brother. So far, I have made this list:
1. Garden Wedding – because they are planning to held the ceremonies at the wedding reception venue, I am thinking of garden themed wedding. They can have butterflies flying above their head after the wedding rites. The lovely bridesmaids will bring fairy wands instead of bouquets and the cute little flower girls will wear butterfly wings.
2. Beach Wedding – I am thinking of a beach themed wedding for my brother and his girlfriend. The bride will wear a simple white laced dress and the groom will wear white polo and pants for a perfect beach wedding. No more stilettos for the guests, they could wear flip flops instead. And the bridesmaids? They can wear swimsuits if they want to.
3. Cartoon Characters themed Wedding – My brother and his girlfriend loves to watch cartoons and anime’s perhaps they would like to have a cartoon/anime themed wedding where in everybody who wants to witness their wedding could look like their favorite cartoon character, yes, I mean why not Cosplay for the wedding?

I have made this list and I still have lots in my mind right now. Will try to share some for the next coming days.

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