Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #19

WBFC #18 was a SUCCESS! Yes, I have subscribed to 98% of the blog sites who joined, except those 2 or 3 blog sites which cannot be opened yesterday, so in case I haven’t left a comment in your welcome post then I haven’t subscribed to your blog yet. Don’t worry, I will go check the comments left in my welcome post to the favor back for those who have subscribed to my blog. Thank You friends, thank you so much for being my reader.

WBFC #19 is UP and RUNNING and I am joining again. This week we are going to LIKE the FAN PAGE of a blog site and FOLLOW the blog site through Google Follower Connect. This is my welcome post and you can LIKE MY FAN PAGE HERE. And you can FOLLOW me through GFC right there in my Side Bar. Please leave a comment if you have done the two things in order for me to know 🙂

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