Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #20

Again I am joining this week’s WBFC. Just this week I added up on my widget a GOOGLE PLUS ONE because Mommy Rubz has given us a heads up on what to expect for this week’s Weekend Blog Follower Caravan.

You can view the whole POST of the Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #20 and try to JOIN us and have some PLUS in your Google Plus! My GOOGLE PLUS BUTTON is there in my sidebar just below my GOOGLE FRIEND CONNECT and above my BADGE, hope you could click it! Thanks

23 thoughts on “Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #20

  1. Hi Zoan! +1’d your home page AND this post (2 clicks) to make sure you get a LOT of g+1 love. 😀

    Also, sali ka sa Colorful Weekend sana! 🙂 Fun to show off your colorful photos of anything and everything. This week I am raffling off $5 to 2 participants. Happy weekend, Zoan! 😀

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