What Course to Take?

There are so many courses available right now in different schools and colleges, there are diplomas only and there are with degrees. Now that the school year has ended, a lot of high school graduates who can afford to go to college would definitely enrol this coming June 2011. But many of these young aspirants didn’t know what courses would really fit them. When I was 16 and fresh from high school, I also encountered this kind of problem. There are so many choices nowadays and it is so hard to choose what course would really suit me. At first, I wanted to be a doctor then a lawyer, and then I thought I really want to be a flight stewardess so I need to take up DevCom or MasCom instead but then again I am good at numbers so I enrolled for Accountancy. I didn’t know about chiropractic school yet but if I did, I think I would also include it in my list of school on where to go after graduating in high school. There are things I wanted to share to my young readers who face the same problems with me when I was young.

• Ask yourself what you really want to do in your life after school. Would you like to be in the medical field, marketing or in the administration? Do you see yourself working in the office or in the field?
• What are your talents and capabilities? Are you good in talking to people? Are a good seller, marketer? Do you have artistic talents aside from good speaking and writing abilities?
• Are you good in analysis? Do you have a leadership potential or you are good at following rules and orders?
• Then navigate from different courses available, check every course in each department and if ever you have finished college where will it land you?

These questions may help you find yourself and what courses really suits you, but if you already have chosen your course, then GO FOR IT.

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