When SAHMone Speaks #13

When SAHMone Speaks

How different are your views about love and life now that you’re a mom?

Now that I am a mom, my views have shifted but it is not the kind of a 360 degrees turn because I am  not the kind of person who is so selfish that I would only think of myself only. Ever since, I may not be a good daughter but I am a good sister. I always look upon my little brother’s well being and when I went to college in the city which is faraway from my hometown, I always see to it that I have gifts or “pasalubong” for my brothers because I know that they are expecting it. I mean from that little things, I realized that really love them and I always wanted the best for them. So from being the spoiled brat that I am (because I am the only daughter), I became a dependable big sister who always gives way for her little brothers wants and needs.

And now that I am a mom my views about love and life is totally not different, there is just a little change. Instead of thinking of me, myself and I only, my son always comes first now. I love my son more than myself and I want to give him all he needs and wants before I buy what I need. I always see to it that I am there every step of his life, every journey that we travel together is so precious that I wanted to capture the moments always.

Moreover, because of being a single mother, it is so hard to find again a man that I would love and trust. Because I wanted to have a man in my life who can accept me for who I am and who can love my son as his own. But then again, I have found him now and we are happy together.

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  1. I agree, the differences aren’t 360 degrees. When good women become moms, their love and life views just heighten and elevate to a sharper focus. 🙂 Good write-up Zoan!

  2. thanks mommy May 🙂 ang ganda naman nung interview sa post ni Mitch, kaya kahit late, na entice akong magsulat ehehe

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