When SAHMone Speaks #14

When SAHMone Speaks

As a mom, will you let your daughter/son live the life you’ve lived?

As a mom, Yes I would. I have a a very colorful life and a happy one. Every parent wants their child to have a life that is close to perfect, because every child deserves one.

I have lived a life that may not be perfect but it was a life that has no regrets. I have a very happy childhood and every child must have a memorable one. My parents have provided me with everything that I need, material or not. And they have mold me to be who I am today. I would say that they have done a good job raising this woman. So yes, I want my son to live in an environment where nobody judges him and where everybody is encouraging him to be who he wants to be and to be the best that he can be.


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