When SAHMone Speaks #16

When SAHMone Speaks

If there’s one trait of your father that you’ve always loved, what is that?

I love my father so much and most people who knows us would say that I am my father in many ways than one.There were times when I have hated him so much but still, he is my father and I am my father’s daughter. I have forgiven him already and he has forgiven me for all the things I have said and done against him. And because yesterday was Father’s Day, I would like to make this entry as beautiful as I can for my father.

My father is a very good provider for his family, he knows how to make money for a living. He is a nobody but he tried and succeeded to make our life happy and fruitful. Our life story is not Rags to Riches kind, it is Rags to not so Rich. Even though it was hard, he manage to earn more money, that is why we can afford to buy our wants apart from our needs.

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