When SAHMone Speaks #18

When SAHMone SpeaksAt what month did you introduce solid food to your baby?

I think my baby was 4 months old when I first introduce him to solid foods. The foods I let him eat was the ones I bought in the grocery stores, Gerber and Cerelac. He loves the variation of foods because Gerber and Cerelac offers different flavors. There are some flavors he doesn’t like and I would know initially when I see his facial expression so I don’t force him to eat it and I don’t buy it again.

When he was 6 months old that was when I introduce to him little by little the foods that we normally eat like rice, potato and some food which are so easy to chew and digest.

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  1. He was 3 months when I let him suck on a shrimp to ensure he will have no allergies …

    He was 4 when I gave him mashed potatoes and carrots. 6 he was munching like a pro.

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