When SAHMone Speaks #7

When SAHMone Speaks

How would you rate yourself as a mother, 10 being the highest?

I cannot rate myself when it comes to this. My son is just 3 years old turning 4, and I am a mother to her for almost 4 years only. I have my share of sleepless nights, change diapers days, cleaning poo-poo night and day and crying for him when he is sick. But I cannot say that I am the best mom in the world just yet.

Yes, I do earn for a living and I really word hard in order to fed my son and give him all he needs. From all his immunization vaccines to school fees, from diapers to milks, from his needs to his wants. But I cannot say that I am a good mother because I am a good provider.

I have so much to learn and so much to do in order to be a good mom. I am not saying that I am not trying to be one, because I am. I just feel that I needed to do more like being with him all the time, which I cannot easily do or I am just good in finding lame excuses in order to get away from him. I am young I know, and sometimes I tend to be rude on him, like scolding him easily when he shows his tantrums just anywhere and anytime he wants. I need to work on my patience.

But there is one thing I know, I love him more than anybody in the World.

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  1. For loving your son more than anybody in the world, you deserve the BEST MOM AWARD! You are trying so hard to take care of him but you must realize that you need to take care of yourself too. When I’m so stressed at home, I ask my husband to allow me to have a few hours off. I go out and walk or do whatever and I come back home refreshed and with a fresh arsenal of patience. ^_^

    Here’s my rating http://www.totteringmama.com/2011/04/when-sahmone-speaks-rated-m.html

  2. Being the provider and the mother at the same time is a tough job, I know coz I do also both… Im a single mother of 5 and one things sure on my side… I still have a lot to learn on motherhood, most specially with patients.

  3. loving and living for our children, i think is what motherhood is all about. there are still so many things to learn about motherhood. it is an endless learning process.

  4. ay naku Zoan! sinabi mo ata ata lahat ng gusto kong sabihin..hehehe..really hard especially for us na single mom..Ako nga 29 na eh at 6 months pa lang baby ko..mahirap kasi working mom ako so hindi lahat ng oras ko nasa kanya..

    at tama si mommy mitch..mahirap talaga i-rate ang pagiging nanay..

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