When SAHMone Speaks #8

When SAHMone Speaks

Do you tell your significant other everything about your worries?

Nope. Not all the time. Though I tell him if it is about him or something about us that we needed to talk about in order to be okay. I am an independent person and yes I am emotional too, but I try to find all the answers to all my problems and if I can’t then I will tell him my worries and maybe he could help me solve my problems.


  1. Cecile says:

    yes, i do…that way he can help me :-); we are very honest of what we are feeling….and i think it is very important to the success of our relationship as husband and wife.

  2. Jhari says:

    Me on the other hand can’t hide anything from my other half. It shows when I’m worried kasi. Sometimes I don’t even say anything, he’ll just notice and will ask what’s bothering me.

    Visiting from TBE.

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